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Bailout Rejected: Please Help the Rich

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<Parody Video> Do your “fair share” to help the ailing mega corporations and prop up their multi-billion dollar bank accounts.


Alternative (Digital) FREEDOM

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While Congress changes our copyright laws at the behest of a few powerful corporations, individuals across the United States are losing their digital rights. Activists are working together to change this oppressive regime and create an alternative of freedom.

BJ Lawson on Glen Beck 10/31/08

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BJ Lawson on air with Glenn Beck discussing his race against David Price. Great show where Glenn and BJ connect for their first of what I think will be many more appearances together.

Put It Away Before the EPA Finds It

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This video is hilarious.

It reminds me a bit of an experience I had as a kid. I was at Wendy’s with my mom and a guy in front of us in the line was harassing the people working there. He kept asking them if they had video of them washing their hands, if they had been inspected, and threatened to contact someone to shut them down. He had apparently been there before and made the same threats for a long time. My mom and I both agreed that he was a monumental @$$hole.

A Look Back At FDR’s Court Packing Plan

Dennis Kucinich: A Man Whose Words I Believe

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There’s not alot to the following campaign ad. It’s the standard “talk straight to the voter” ad that politicians use when they want to come across as a straight-shooter. The difference with this is that I found myself actually believing what Dennis Kucinich said and not wondering about how he’s spinning me. Kucinich is my favorite Democrat for a reason.

Lawson for Congress: The Office at Midnight

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BJ gives a tour of the Lawson for Congress office.

Former FEC Chairman on McCain and Campaign Finance

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Former head of the Federal Election Commission, now a law professor at Capital University, talks with about how campaign finance laws punish political speech. And why John McCain won’t shake Smith’s hand.

Faber: Any Intervention Has Unintended Consequences

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Faber states the obvious that is far too often overlooked by those in the media, government, and FED. He also gives some real zingers and straight talk aimed at Bernanke and Paulson.

McCain Gave Rashid Khalidi Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

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If Barack Obama had these even these remote ties he would be blasted over and over for it by the Republicans.

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