Schwarzenegger on Freidman

I’ve been a supporter of Arnold Schwarzenegger since the 2003 California recall, and I don’t regret it one bit. Alot of Californians (along with those just living there temporarily) like to beat up on Schwarzenegger for the sorry state of California, but it is painfully obvious that the problems California faces are the result of national economic decline combining with problems California has had for years. Schwarzenegger has been serious about his job since day one. Unfortunately, the problems that state faces are too momentous for one man to tame.

In this appearance on Milton Freidman’s “Free to Choose” television series, Schwarzenegger makes a lovely and warm endorsement of Freidman’s ideas. In addition to his appearance on Freidman’s program, I recommend that you watch his appearance on, in which he talks much needed sense about the need for the US to develop a high-speed rail system.

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