Blast From the Past- School House Rock: Tyrannosaurus Debt

Part of our school day today included watching a DVD of the classic School House Rock cartoons that many of us grew up watching on Saturday mornings.  I was delighted when, after watching the one that talked about the wonderful opportunity we all have to pay our fair share of income taxes on April 15th, my daughter exclaimed, “Mom, this is wrong.  They’re saying that taxes are good!”

Music to my ears…

However, I found the next video interesting- Tyrannosaurus Debt- which compared the national debt to the appetite of a rather sizable dinosaur.  What surprised me was the direct correlation made between wartime and the increase of debt.

Not all of the School House Rock videos are accurate portrayals of the topic featured, but the common sense displayed by most of them makes me wish ABC would start playing them on Saturday mornings again.  Perhaps this generation of children will pay more attention than previous ones and avoid making the same mistakes the cartoons warn us against.

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