Politico’s Mike Allen: Democrats Say GOP Has 60% Chance Of Winning Senate

During an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Mike Allen, chief political reporter for Politico, explained that Democrats are increasingly worried about keeping control of the Senate this fall, which is why party leaders are going to bring up the Keystone XL pipeline for a vote.

“They’re actually going to have a vote, and this is a real surprise. It’s a sign of how worried Democrats are about the Senate” says Allen.” “Yesterday, I was out at the Milken Conference in Los Angeles [and] did a poll of a panel including a lot of Democrats, asking them what they thought the chances were that Republicans would take over the Senate.

“Nate Silver said it’s around 60 percent, David Leonhardt, in his new feature at The New York Times, has said it’s around 51 percent,” Allen noted. “The sense of Democrats I talked to is it’s more like 60 percent. They are very worried about a Republican Senate.”

Vulnerable Red State Democrats support Keystone XL and they’ve urged President Obama to approve the pipeline. Reid and other Democratic leaders are still debating on whether the vote will be on binding measure or on a non-binding “Sense of the Senate” resolution.

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