Sen. Rand Paul Defends the Fourth Amendment

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) released a video today this morning in which he explains why the Founding Fathers included the Fourth Amendments and offers a passionate defense of the right to privacy.

“The Fourth Amendment was included in the Constitution precisely to prevent the issuing of general warrants, in which blanket authority is given to government to spy on citizens at will,” said Paul. “Individualized suspicion of citizens’ records is precisely the kind of overreach we fought a revolution over. The colonists did not appreciate a British government that would go door-to-door searching anyone and everyone with out probable cause or suspicion.”

“The lesson of the American Revolution was that this should never happen again, and yet the NSA’s data collection program is the modern equivalent of this practice,” he said. “The Constitution is not a negotiable piece of parchment to be ignored or abused at the President’s whim. Washington leaders are expected to obey and protect what they took an oath to uphold.”

“Today is the day we begin to fight back,” said Paul in reference to the protests against mass surveillance that are going on today.

Paul is urging concerned Americans to visit, a website dedicated to his class-action lawsuit against the NSA.

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