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Megan McArdle makes some good points…then almost ruins it

Megan McArdle

I’ll be honest - I haven’t read much of the “analysis” of the Newtown shooting because, frankly, it’s almost entirely useless.  People on both sides of the political spectrum have used it to make their own points without any regard to whether said points fit the facts.  We have liberals making the case for gun control, ignoring the fact that the killer stole guns legally purchased and in fact was stopped from buying a gun by strict Connecticut gun laws.  And we have conservatives making the absurd argument that schools should be militarized with armed guards - even teachers packing heat.  Neither of these ideas is helpful in the least.  Meanwhile, I’ve spent the few words I’ve uttered on the subject trying to combat these two opposing extremes, lacking the knowledge or boldness (one could say arrogance) to say much of my own.

So far, the only piece I’ve seen that even attempts to make my own feelings clear was written by Megan McArdle at The Daily Beast.  The problem with the post is that Megan, after starting off with some good points, then veers off course and takes a leap into what I will charitably call “unconventional ideas”.  But before making that detour, I found myself agreeing with much of what she was saying - simply that all the obvious “solutions” are not solutions at all, and that we need to be realistic about what we can do to prevent events like the shooting.  Megan notes:

Sex, Drugs, and Libertarian.


The baby boomers are most know for being the ones who invented sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. “Why aren’t they libertarian?”- P.J O’Rourke. A very insightful notation Mr. O’Rourke. P.J. famed for his work in National Lampoon, Rolling Stone has taken a more grown-up so to speak role with Atlantic Monthly and a daily column that we can read in The Daily Beast. More straight hard hitting politics besides just plain satire. It is a different role for P.J. but I highly respect the man and have enjoyed more than 5 of his 17 written books.

Libertarians have this live and let live attitude. Lets drink, smoke, and change the world! This is the kind of attitude that has taken over college campuses. This is the attitude at the rock shows.  We’re responsible too. We keep our day jobs, we write in columns, we advance our degrees. It’s the fine line of responsibility for one’s actions mixed with the freedom of enjoying a vice. Is the generation liberal? why yes. Are the baby boomers libertarian? My answer would be yes, they are liberatian too.


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