Obama’s First Tax Hike Takes Effect

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Barack Obama’s first tax hike, a 62-cent increase on tobacco products, went into effect yesterday. The tax hurts the poor the most. One one hand they want us to believe that these taxes discourage and decrease smoking. On the other hand they say that they’ll fund various healthcare programs, in this case, SCHIP. That doesn’t make much sense.

Tea Party Protesters Talk to Neil Cavuto

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Our very own Jason Pye, along with other Tea Party organizers, speaks to Neil Cavuto about the Tea Party movement.  Citing low numbers, Neil questions whether the Tea Party protests will gain the support needed to have the influence needed, and is reminded that the original Boston Tea Party protesters started with a small minority as well.

Rob Kampia Educates Glenn Beck About Marijuana Policy

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Meet the Parents

Meet my new parents: the U.S. Government. The parallels are astonishing when you think about it. (Forgive my generalities… they are for illustration!)

1. Parents want their kids to be the best: Just like proud moms and dads show up at little league games and fight with other parents, help (or take over) fundraising activities so their kids will “win” by raising the most money, or argue with teachers about grades… we see the U.S. Government assert its authority all over the world - both economically and militarily - so that we can be the “greatest nation on earth”.

Mises Institute Summit 2008 Review

The 2008 Mises Institute Supporters Summit

The GoScottRonld Standard Revisited

This past weekend was a chance for many of the Mises Institute’s supporters to get together, get familiar, and get updated on the Austrian tradition’s interpretation of recent events.  The focus of this weekend seminar was on the gold standard, and the increasingly desperate need for sound money in today’s fiat fiasco of an economy.  Speakers, local and international, delivered the message of monetary sanity to the supporters and students in attendance, as well as those who tuned in around the world via  Talks were given by many of today’s

The Odd Lies of David Price, Part III

For this entry, we will go outside his aforementioned email. Don’t worry; we’ll be returning to it very soon.After taking another look at the debate between Congressman Price and Dr. Lawson, his “Keeping in Touch” newsletter that he sent to the 4th District voters (at taxpayer expense), and his Vote Smart page, there’s a particular claim that Congressman Price likes to make (or at least imply) that his recent record shows to be a bowl of mush.

This claim is that he is some sort of a principled fiscal conservative who works tirelessly for balanced budgets.

How Well Does Your Governor Score? 2008 Cato Fiscal Report Cards

While during these times of financial instability most of our attention turns to Wall Street and Washington, the fiscal policies that our individual governors persue can greatly lessen or worsen the situation within our given states. The Cato Institute recently released their 2008 Fiscal Report Card for American Governors. The criteria is fairly straight forward. Tax and/or spending increases lower the governors’ scores, while tax and/or spending cuts will raise them.

Obama Mocks Plumbers

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Obama has run and, surprisingly, sustained one of the best managed campaigns since at least Reagan ‘84, but I believe he made a significant mistake by going after McCain with recent “Joe Plumber” attack lines. “A plumber is the guy he is fighting for”, Obama said sarcastically to a revved up crowd Thursday. Ironically, if Obama truly convinces the median voter that McCain is “fighting for plumbers”, then he will likely lose Ohio and Pennslyvania.

McCain and Obama Debate in Tennessee

The second Presidential campaign debate of the 2008 election took place Tuesday night, October 7 at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. This debate took place when the Obama campaign had been riding high from the bounce from economic conditions that would favor the party not currently in the White House. However, the post-VP debate spin seemed to be moving toward McCain. Tuesday morning’s polling seemed to indicate that McCain was cutting into Obama’s lead. However, I believe that the slight swing to McCain will end with the results of Tuesday night’s debate.

Time to Sell Economic Growth

lower taxes for dummies

While many people like to pay attention to polls so that they can end up offering tidbits of information to their friends with relatively easy to understand numbers, when it comes to activists, polls often guide policy decisions. Right now, activists that are concerned with the concept of promoting small business growth should be leaping to sway the public and politicians toward initiatives involving tax reform. According to a recent Rasmussen poll, public opinion is trending toward cutting government spending, and decreasing taxes.

This is a concept that Libertarians and free market activists have been pointing out forever, and it seems the public is getting the message, since 52% of voters now believe that cutting government spending helps the economy. However, there is a minor dissonance in these results, since about 47% of voters would support a candidate that would tax the rich more, while dropping taxes for others - that number is up from 44% in December. So, while people are getting that taxes hurt the economy, they aren’t quite comprehending that the governmental definition of “rich” as far as taxation is concerned could include the family-owned coffee shop down the street that only employs a handful of people.

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