Taxes: The Price We Pay For Civilization

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W-2 WTF?!?!: Tax Facts to Make Your Head Explode!

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Chart of the Day: Top US tax rates compared to other nations

Over at Cato at Liberty, Chris Edwards notes that while the rest of the world is cutting taxes on individuals and business (many of whom file as individuals) President Barack Obama is making a push to increase taxes, putting economic growth in jeopardy, and putting the United States at a competitive disadvantge with other industrialized nations.

Did Joseph Stack Prove the MIAC Report Right?

No doubt you heard about Andrew Joseph Stack flying his Piper Cherokee into an office building where about 200 IRS employees worked in northwest Austin, Texas.  In addition to the intentional plane crash, he apparently set his home ablaze and possibly booby-trapped his car with a bomb.  His suicide note/manifesto was briefly posted here, before the webhosting company took the site offline “due to the sensitive nature of the events.”

You may recall a report issued by the Missouri Information Analysis Center last winter that equated support of many “extreme” views common in libertarian thought, including resistance to the current tax levels and system, with domestic terrorism.  It’s obvious from the note left by Stack that he is no fan of the government, specifically calling out the IRS and FAA, as well as Congress’ manipulation of the tax code.  It will likely be a few small correlations between Stack’s manifesto, his actions, and the MIAC report that generate more government scrutiny of those who oppose the continued growth of the federal government.

Elections, And Why The American Economy Will Collapse

I know what you’re thinking: man that Pete is a positive guy. I like to describe myself as realistic, with a bit of fatalism throw in. Either way, I find it hard to look at the economic landscape and have any hope. It is especially dreadful when politicians have to get re-
elected, AND said politicians consult certain “economists”.

Economists have for years looked at what is happening in a society and sought to come up with solutions as to how an economic crisis can be “fixed”. The problem is, like in all fields, you have good economists, and you have the not so good (The latter seem to be the ones that always find their way onto the public payroll).

In extremely broad terms economists can be split into two categories:

1. The “good” economist traces what a policy can do not only in the present, but 
in the future; AND what it does for not only one segment of society, 
but the whole.

2. The “bad” economist does the exact opposite; they examine only what 
will fix the present issue and usually concentrate on only one segment of 
the population.

If you are a student of American history your eyes should be opening as to which economist is most often chosen by our elected officials. The real question is “why”?

Well, why wouldn’t a politician pick economist #2?

Controlling Leviathan: The Battle for Limited Government

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Tax Day Tea Party - “You Might Be A Right Wing Extremist if….”

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“The Other McCain” gives 7,000 Teaparty goers in Birmingham, Alabama an idea if they are Right Wing Extremists, as the DHS report leaked earlier this week stated.

Tea Party Speech in Montgomery, AL

This past Wednesday, millions of Americans attended Tea Party rallies across these United States. The seed of these protest rallies was the Ron Paul movement from 2008, the most vocal effort against big government in years. While Ron Paul did not sell to the masses of conservatives, the message that government is bloated and out-of-control is resonating with average citizens in all fifty states.

Tea Party Post-Mortem

Numbers are still coming in, but it looks like somewhere in the neighborhood of 300,000 people showed up in more than 700 locations around the nation for a Tax Day Tea Party. The Atlanta Tea Party was politician heavy; several speakers either currently hold or have held elected office. Among them were rising conservative state legislators, Sen. Chip Rogers and Rep. Tom Graves, US Reps. Tom Price and Lynn Westmoreland and former US Rep. Dick Armey, now head of FreedomWorks (one of the groups responsible for the protests around the nation).

Tea Parties in Alabama

It appears that the Tea Parties held in Alabama yesterday were a rousing success.  It’s reported by ABC News (and my friend and attendee Shirrell Roberts) that the Montgomery Tea Party held at noon on the Capital steps had about 1,000 people (*Update- Organzier Cindy Wright says attendance was closer to 2,500).  Great job, Matt Givens and Cindy Wright, in organzing and promoting this event!  This is what Shirrell said after the event-

It really fired me up just seeing common everyday folks give a rip about the direction this country is headed.  Sometimes it is easy to become cynical. Yesterday restored my faith in the people of this country.

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