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Here’s how Republicans can fix their terrible State of the Union responses


This author will not waste time explaining how useless and obscene the annual State of the Union royal pageant is, nor how full of untruths, crushing debt, inviable proposals, and unfunded liabilities President Obama’s most recent iteration of the speech was this week. Instead, I’ll focus on the official Republican response given this year by newly elected US Senator from Iowa, Joni Ernst. If you can call it that.

As Shep Smith and Chris Wallace noted on the Fox News broadcast syndicated to their local affiliates, Obama spent several minutes than previous years after his delivery shaking hands in the chamber. This meant that the GOP response, officially scheduled for 5 minutes after the president leaves the room, would be pushed into local news broadcasts and therefore probably cut off in most television viewing markets. Intentional or not, that didn’t even give Republicans a chance to have their message heard, regardless of how good it may have been.

Obama’s State of the Union proposals would cost $40 billion

Barack Obama

The proposals outlined in President Barack Obama’s 2014 State of the Union address would cost taxpayers at least $40 billion, according to an analysis by the National Taxpayers Union Foundation.

““Even though the President largely reiterated or reframed issues that have long been on his party’s current agenda, the proposals for new federal expenditures he outlined last night would still add up to a hefty price tag,” said Demian Brady, Director of Research at the National Taxpayers Union Foundation. ”Moreover, his push for new mandates, regulation, and tax hikes, particularly on energy, will give taxpayers and business owners plenty to be wary of.”

Of the 29 proposals outlined in the speech by President Obama, only one would reduce spending, according to the analysis, while 12 would increase spending. The costs of 16 proposals couldn’t be quantified.

The most costly proposal outlined by President Obama was the Senate version of immigration reform — the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act — which would cost $20.2 billion each year. Extention of federal unemployment benefits was the second-most costly item, at $12.8 billion.

President Obama’s universal pre-K proposal is would cost $3.5 billion each year, making it the third-most costly item in his State of the Union address.

The only proposal that would cut spending is the FHA Solvency Act, a measure that President Obama supports. This bill, which would protect taxpayers from bearing the cost of another housing crisis, would reduce federal outlays by $103 million, according to the National Taxpayers Union Foundation.

Government Broadband Plan Would Move US Policy to the Left of Europe

obama broadband

Last year the European Union (EU) ruled that government owned broadband networks are harmful to competition and counterproductive to broadband deployment in markets with private competitors — like the market in Cedar Falls, Iowa where the President spoke.

In a speech preceding the State of the Union Address, President Obama said that preempting state laws prohibiting municipalities from owning broadband networks puts him on the side of “competition.” In reality, it would put US broadband policy somewhere to the left of Europe. Last year the European Union (EU) ruled that government owned broadband networks are harmful to competition and counterproductive to broadband deployment in markets with private competitors — like the market in Cedar Falls, Iowa where the President spoke. Based on thorough data and global economic consensus, the EU issued a regulation that presumptively prohibits municipal broadband deployments.

Rand Paul SOTU Response: “His Plan Recycles Worn-out Ideas”

 State of the Union response

There were several responses to President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night and, despite the snickering, cynicism, and snark from some on the left, what looks like a disjointed effort may actually be a stroke of genius and a sign that conservatives on the Hill are beginning to work together. The US News piece doesn’t see it that way.

The Republicans just can’t get enough. More and more Lone Rangers are out there deciding that they will be in the klieg lights to respond to President Obama’s State of the Union Address…

…I get that political parties have trouble speaking with one voice, but this is ridiculous. Why put forth this collection of your worst spokespeople (I won’t pre-judge Rodgers) and muddle your message. I think this is called putting your worst foot forward.

But, respectfully of course, here’s where you may be missing the forest for the trees Mr. Fenn: These responses are likely not supposed to be taken separately.

Cato Scholars Respond to the 2014 State of the Union Address

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Cato Institute scholars Alex Nowrasteh, Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, Benjamin H. Friedman, Simon Lester, Neal McCluskey, Mark Calabria, Dan Mitchell, Justin Logan, Patrick J. Michaels, Walter Olson and Jim Harper respond to President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address.

House GOP hits Obama on jobs, healthcare in SOTU prebuttal

 Obamacare's False Promises

The House Republican Conference released a couple videos, — sort of prebuttals to the State of the Union address — that takes aim at some of the statements President Barack Obama has made about the economy and healthcare over the last few years.

In past State of the Union address, President Obama has told Americans that the economy is growing and more Americans are going back to work in the aftermath of the “Great Recession.” But the video fuses takes the flashbacks to these address and fuses them with new reports of over the years, including most recent, disappointing jobs report in December.

The second video focuses on lines from the 2009 State of the Union address dealing with the cost of healthcare and its impact Americans and employers. After each statement, the video offers truths about how Obamacare is increasing insurance premiums, forcing Americans out of their health plans, and causing many small businesses to freeze hiring:

Ted Cruz wants answers from Obama in State of the Union

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) doesn’t feel like President Barack Obama has been forthcoming with the American people on the biggest scandals and controversies that have taken place in his administration.

With the State of the Union address set to be delivered before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday evening, the firebrand conservative has asked President Obama to answer five questions about these very serious, very familiar issues.

“Americans all over the nation are asking questions about the economy, Obamacare, the IRS, Benghazi, and the NSA that aren’t being answered,” said Cruz in a statement. ”However, as the President prepares his State of the Union address, he has signaled he has no intention of clearing the air.”

As has been the case over the last several weeks, President Obama is likely to focus his fifth State of the Union address on the issue of income inequality and will like make another call for a minimum wage hike. These are the issues to which the White House and congressional Democrats have pivoted amid controversies over the disastrous Obamacare rollout and millions of health policy cancellations caused by the law.

Cruz would rather President Obama offer to take accountability for the scandals and controversies that have arisen. Specifically, the Texas senator has five questions to which he says Americans deserve answers, per the release from his office:

Mike Lee to give Tea Party’s State of the Union response

The Tea Party Express has announced that Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) will give its response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, Politico reported yesterday.

This will be the third consecutive year that the Tea Party Express — one of the major Tea Party organizations formed after the movement rose to prominence — has offered a response to the State of the Union address. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) delivered its response in 2012, followed by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) last year.

Elected in 2010 Tea Party wave, Lee quickly established himself as one of the most fiscal conservative members of the Senate. He has also been a fierce defender of the civil liberties enshrined in the Constitution as well as a critic of President Obama’s expansion and abuse of executive power.

RELATED: United Liberty chats with Sen. Mike Lee

Lee, a former assistant U.S. Attorney, published an e-book last summer in which he detailed the problems with the Supreme Court’s decision in the 2012 Obamacare case, National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius. Last fall, Lee joined Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the unsuccessful, though principled effort to defund Obamacare through the Continuing Resolution.

House GOP: What will Obama say this year?

President Barack Obama will give the State of the Union address this evening where he will lay out his agenda for the next year. Since taking office in 2009, President Obama has told used the address to sell Americans a big government agenda that has ultimately left the worse off.

As this new video from the House Republican Conference shows, President Obama has made promises during past State of the Union addresses from cutting the deficit in half to ObamaCare not affecting current insurance coverage and reducing costs to enacting an energy policy that reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, all of these promises have been broken — budget deficits have gotten completely out of control, some 7 million are expected to lose their employer-based coverage and costs for coverage have skyrocketed because of ObamaCare, and he has already rejected Keystone XL once to please his radical environmentalist base.

Check out the video below. It’ll make you wonder, given the broken promises of the last four years, what President Obama has in store for tonight:

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