Spencer Bachus

Lessons from the Auto Bailout Controversy

This past week, the US Senate failed to concur with the House of Representatives in passing a bailout package for the nation’s large domestic automakers. This bailout had the support of the Democratic leadership in Congress as well as the Bush White House. Already, doomsayers are bemoaning this lack of financial infusion from an already depleted federal budget. However, I applaud this decision as a victory for principle over pragmatism. Hoping that conservatives will learn from this effort to continue enlarging government, consider some lessons from the bailout controversy.

Rep. Bachus: “The people will rise up and stop us.”

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Congressmen Bachus and Neugebauer discuss runaway spending and pending reprecussions.

Spencer Bachus, A Truly Special Man

Based on a preliminary inquiry, I conclude that “Bachass,” as I hear some call him, is a Representative truly worthy of a special level of contempt. Unfortunately, he will not be held to it in this year’s election, as he is running unopposed. Nevertheless, he deserves a quality opponent in 2010 to send him into a well-deserved retirement.

AL-06: Dr. Chad Mathis makes Obamacare the focal point of campaign

Chad Mathis: Fight Obamacare

In a crowded Republican field, Chad Mathis is setting himself apart from other candidates running in Alabama’s Sixth Congressional District (AL-06), a seat left open by the retirement of Rep. Spencer Baucus (R-AL).

Like most Republican candidates, Mathis has made repealing Obamacare a main focus of his campaign. But what sets him apart from pack is that he is a surgeon and small business owner who believes that Obamacare “will smother the last flame of economic freedom from America.”

In a new web ad from his campaign, Mathis announced the endorsements of 53 doctors and called Obamacare the “issue of our generation.”

“Barack Obama lied to us. He told us that we could keep our doctors, keep our healthcare plan, they wouldn’t pay for abortions, and our premiums would go down,” says Mathis in the web ad. “Obamacare is a wedge between the physician and the patient, and it will destroy the physician-patient relationship.”

Mathis announced endorses for his campaign the Alabama Orthopedic Society, he Alabama State Society of Anesthesiologists, and other physicians from around the state. He also touted endorsements from Reps. Andy Harris (R-MD) and Phil Roe (R-TN), both of whom are doctors.

“The law is about giving power to the secretary of Health and Human Services and to expand the government. It is not about access to healthcare,” said Mathis. “Obamacare is the issue of our generation.”

“For our children and our grandchildren, I will continue my fight to repeal and replace Obamacare,” he added.

It’s going to be a close one tonight in Alabama and Mississippi

Coming off of a good Super Tuesday, Mitt Romney hopes to further entrench himself at the frontrunner for the Republican nomination tonight as Alabama and Mississippi voters head to the polls to cast their ballots. But various surveys in these two Southern states show that it’ll be a close race, one that has Romney running right along Rick Santorum in Newt Gingrich.

Santorum had a good weekend, picking up an overwhelming win in Kansas, while Romney won Wyoming and some United States territories. For Gingrich, however, tonight’s primaries are a “must win” if he hopes to avoid more calls to drop out of the race. And the latest polls out of Alabama and Mississippi certainly do show the former Speaker hanging with the rest of the field.

Here are the final numbers out of the two states, provided by Public Policy Polling. As noted above, it’s going to go down to the wire in Alabama:

  • Mitt Romney: 31%
  • Newt Gingrich: 30%
  • Rick Santotrum: 29%
  • Ron Paul: 8%

And Gingrich holds a small lead in Mississippi, though within the margin of error, over Romney with Santorum six back:

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