Milton Friedman on the Phil Donahue Show in 1979

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Milton Friedman answers tough questions with well-reasoned answers, pointing out that many of the arguments against the free-enterprise system are based on questionable assumptions.

Opposing ‘Stimulus’ — Hundreds of Economists Sign on to Cato Institute Ad

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This is a great video follow up to the full-page ad CATO published listing hundreds of economists who don’t believe that a “stimulus package” is the best option for American taxpayers.

ᴄᴏᴍᴙᴀᴅᴇ Glenn: The Road to Socialism

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Glenn Beck is one of the few in the main stream media willing to call Obama’s change what it is- the path to socialism.

Ron Paul Responds to Obama’s Inaugural Address

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In this video, Dr. Paul cuts to the chase by pointing out that Obama is really making an argument for more and bigger government, while attempting to camouflage it behind fanciful (perhaps one could say “Orwellian”) rhetoric.

Thanksgiving- A Case for Capitalism

We all grew up hearing the story of the first Thanksgiving- the deprivation and starvation, the help of the native Americans and the bountiful harvest that marked the first Thanksgiving.

What we rarely hear about is the method of economy the Puritans employed upon reaching the new shore- socialism.  They endeavored to share the work and the fruits of their labor, eschewing the principles of private property and the free-market.

And how well did this work?  Their Governor Bradford in his own words-

Problems of the Republican Party

The current Grand Old Party is in despair and acknowledging some need for change. Since the end of the Reagan Administration it has slowly become the “Grumpy Old-White-Man’s Party” with little appeal to individuals outside of its traditional coalition, and even within that coalition there is little enthusiasm. So, most acknowledge there are problems; But what are they? How can they be fixed? These are the questions party insiders and loyalists are already attempting to answer.

What are the Problems?

While the mistakes made by George Bush’s Republican Party are so numerous one could probably never compile a completely conclusive book on the matter, most can be traced to fundamental root causes that desperately need to be identified and purged- below are a few of the broad policy mistakes committed by the Party.

Reclaim Your Republic

No other election day has held the level of significance for me than this one does. While I’ve always voted, this was the first election cycle in which I took an avid interest and actually became involved in the political scene. For nine months, I was an active supporter of my hero, Dr. Ron Paul. After Super Tuesday, and it became evident that Dr.

Obama, McCain & Socialism

Lately we have heard quite a bit about Barack Obama’s “spread the wealth” comment, which has given new ammunition to the McCain campaign and its supporters in accusing Obama of being “socialist”.  As accurate as it is to describe much of Obama’s platform as socialist, to have McCain accusing Obama of supporting socialism is rather like the pot calling the kettle black.

McCain, The Socialist

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Socialism used to be an ugly word- or at least an ugly concept- in America, but no more. With both mainstream candidates embracing the philosophy, it’s become clearer than ever that it’s time for a major over-haul in the beltway.

Obama and the Redistribution of Wealth

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I’m continuously amazed at the knee-jerk reaction of Obama supporters when you call their champion a socialist.  At the heart of socialism is the redistribution of wealth, a philosophy that Obama openly touts.

Socialism is as fundamentally flawed and as doomed to failure as democracy, and true patriots shouldn’t support any candidate that is spreading the doctrine of either, whether in this country or in the ones we occupy.

After all, America is a Constitutional Republic.

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