How Did Your Congressperson Vote?

We all may have breathed a sigh of relief two days ago when we realized the bailout bill had been defeated, but the truth is, the battle is not yet over.  The Senate votes on the bill this evening, and if it passes it will come back to the House on Thursday for another vote.  It will only take a few Representatives to change their vote in order for the bill to pass and it’s imperative that we do not allow that to happen.  We must continue to keep up the barrage of phone calls, emails and faxes to both Houses in order to keep it from passing.

The website has been set up in order to help us keep track of how our Congresspersons voted.  I encourage all of you to visit it and note how your rep voted. If that information isn’t available yet, you have the ability to enter the information yourself.  A simple phone call to your candidate’s office will give you the answer and the opportunity to either thank them or berate them.

I’d like to share with all of you what my friend Michele recently reminded her TN Congressman after learning that he had voted yes for the bailout.  He told her that despite his constituents adament opposition against the bill, he had voted yea because he felt it was the best thing for TN and the country.  This was Michele’s response-


You don’t get it…I said “vote no.” I don’t care what YOU think is best for me or TN. You are an elected official who is to represent the opinion of your constituents. You idiots think that despite a 100-1 disapproval rating of ANY bailout plan that you know better. Well, you don’t. Government cannot fix anything by definition, nor is it your job. In case you are unsure of what your job description is, allow me to enlighten you. Under the United States Constitution, you are allowed the privilege of serving the citizens of this country in the following ways: “ALL bills for raising revenue shall originate in the HOUSE (not the executive); Congress has the power to lay and collect taxes for the defense and general welfare of the US BUT it must be uniform throughout the US (NOT pandering to corporations nor people unable to pay their debts); you are able to borrow money on the credit of the US (the implication is from foreign countries NOT a private central bank); you are able to COIN money.” Those are essentially your duties regarding debt and money that Congress is limited to. By the way, have you ever even read The Constitution?

Vote “no” to any and all bailouts…period.

Many of our Congressmen have forgotten that they are our employees and that they serve at our pleasure.  It’s time we reminded them.

The Other Dr. No

The Founding Fathers intended the United States Senate to be an extremely slow, deliberating body that passed only a small number of bills per year, and only after very long and thorough debate. What goes on in the Upper House today is a far cry from that vision, and sadly very few recognize this as a problem. Senator (R-OK) Tom Coburn, does recognize it however, and as the video below shows, Coburn has apparently gone on a crusade against a number of unethical Senate practices. Like our own beloved Dr. No, Senator Coburn has the reputation of being a fiscal conservative and for standing against the pork-barrel spending of his Senate colleagues.  We need more Congressmen like this who are willing to take a stand against what’s popular and fight against wasteful government spending.

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