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Schiff: We Have a “Mob-ocracy”

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Peter Schiff, the outspoken head of Euro-Pacific Capital gives one of his better recent interviews on CNBC just prior to the election.

On Voting for the Lesser of Evils

As election day is dawning upon us, emotions are running high, particularly among those entrapped in the major political party of their choice, urging those of us who cannot abide either of the major party nominees to pick the “lesser of evils”.  The reason given depends on which side of the divide from which it comes.  I’ve been hearing, or expect to hear, from my Obama-supporting friends, “You MUST vote for Obama, because we cannot have eight more years of Bush”.

Bob Barr Is Not Worth Your Vote

When I first heard about Bob Barr’s Libertarian Party run, I actually looked at his past as a Republican congressman as a positive. Most people don’t join independent parties first crack out of the box, and I certainly didn’t. I found myself defending him against attacks that he was a “neo-con” or a pol seeking to advance a dying career.

That began to change as I heard more from him. The various news appearances he made were filled with canned rhetoric. He sounded like the stereotypical politician. It was hard to really tell if he believed what he was saying, or if he had just decided to leach onto the movement started by Ron Paul’s candidacy.

Ron Paul Discusses Death Penalty for Counterfeiting

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Ron Paul, while not directly advocating for the death penalty for Federal Reserve bankers, does use that legislative stance from the 1792 Coinage Act to show how far away from our founding ideals we have strayed.

Ending the Income Tax in Massachusetts

Ending the income tax at any level is a worthy goal, and it appears that goal may well be accomplished in Massachusetts this year. The following is a message from the Campaign for Liberty in support of the organization

Dear Fellow Supporters of Ron Paul,

Ron Paul campaigned to Repeal the Income Tax – and dramatically shrink the size and power of government. Now you have the opportunity to take the first step to make Ron Paul’s dream a reality – by helping us to repeal the income tax in Massachusetts this November 4th.

We are co-sponsors of Ballot Question 1, the legally-binding ballot measure that will END the Massachusetts state income tax.

Ron Paul on World Bank

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Ron Paul attempts to separate the World Bank from the ideals of capitalism and the present system of “corporatism”. He goes on to say the organization is outdated, corrupt, and does more harm than good for people in the third world. 

MT Governor: “Ron Paul Running 5-8% in MT”

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The Montana Constitution Party ditched their own candidate and placed Ron Paul on their ballot against his wishes, and it seems that decision will be what decides which major party the state of Montana is carried by.

Ron Paul on Fox Business

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Ron Paul on Fox News discussing The Bailout and how it is “Not Good”. It appears like he says “They dont know what the hell they are doing”, which if I understood him right is completely true. Even the FED sympathizers will tell you they are just throwing darts in the dark now.


BJ Lawson scores 91 out of 99 on Ron Paul Paul-O-Meter

Marc over at Liberty Maven examines BJ Lawson on the twenty issue Paul-O-Meter to see how he stacks up to the Congressman from TX-14.

Frank Luntz Praises Ron Paul

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Frank Luntz, at one time an arch-enemy of Ron Paul supporters- mainly due to their insistence he was “rigging” his polls to Paul’s disadvantage- was on Fox News recently praising Ron Paul’s speech on the floor of the House of Represenatives as “perfect” and “transpartisan”. Maybe more will see Ron Paul was right on the economy last year in the Republican presidential primary debates.

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