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Ron Paul on CNN (1/27) - Criticizing U.S. Economic Policies

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Ron Paul criticizes U.S. economic policy and says that the private market should be the one spending money, not the government.  He says we are “treating the symptoms rather than the cause.”  He believes a change in foreign policy is needed to help turnaround the economy.

Check out the video, there is lots of good stuff!

Ron Paul on Obama’s Foreign Policy

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Ron Paul elaborates on the need to draw down military intervention and focus on domestic problems.

Ron Paul on German Hyperinflation

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Ron Paul illustrates the parallel of post-WWI hyperinflation in Germany and America’s current monetary problems.

Indiana and the Gold Standard

Indiana State Senator Greg Walker (R) has introduced a bill before the General Assembly to require the State Treasury to accept gold as a competing currency in the state of Indiana.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana has taken this stance:

STRONGLY SUPPORT: We liked the idea when LPIN gubernatorial candidate proposed this at an October press conference. We liked it more when he talked about it during the debates. We liked the idea at a national level when Congressman Ron Paul championed this message on the campaign trail. Imagine a currency that has real value and the effect this move would have on stabilizing a very unstable economy.

The complete details can be found here.

Dick Armey and Ron Paul Discuss Obama Stimulus Plans

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Reasoned arguments from two very principled men.

U.S. Economy : The Philosopher’s Stone

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Many readers may remember the “Stop Dreaming”  video that went viral on Youtube during the Ron Paul campaign last year- well the editor who compiled that video has a new one out that focuses on the build up to and the current financial crisis. It is not as good as the “Stop Dreaming” video but it is still definitely worth the 10 minutes. Peter Schiff and Ron Paul are the two main individuals in the video.

Congressman Ron Paul on Bailing Out the Auto Industry

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Ron Paul puts the whole matter into perspective, explaining that the whole debate over bailing out the auto industry is really a distraction from the much bigger issue of the huge amounts of debt being run up (with a likely budget deficit of over $1 trillion), and the eventually destruction of the dollar. Dr. Paul offers his predictions of how things are likely to play out. It would do well to pay attention to what he is saying, as he made very accurate predictions one year ago that are playing out right now.

Ron Paul speaks in the House Against the Proposed Bailout of the Auto Industry

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This speech by Ron Paul in the House against the proposed auto industry bailout is delivered with the Congressman’s usual razor-sharp edge to almost devastating effect, putting the whole issue into a larger perspective that is so seldom heard in Washington, or in the press and other media. It really speaks for itself, as little more needs to be said. Were that there were more in Congress like Dr. Paul.

The Federal Reserve Is Causing The Collapse

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The author of this video compiles cable news excerpts and famous quotes to channel a message that the government and FED are the problem, not the solution, to the crisis.

Ron Paul: You Can’t Balance The Budget On The Back Of Sick People

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Ron Paul is the true compassionate conservative. Cut oversees military spending before cutting medical care for Americans.

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