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Dr. Paul Speaks to Bill Maher about Spending Bill

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Dr. Paul discusses the spending bill and the credibility of the Republican Pary with Bill Maher, and argues that regulation and spending has created this crisis, not the free market.

Ron Paul Discusses Stimulus on CNN

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Ron Paul: What if the American People Learn the Truth?

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What if we wake up one day and learn that the terrorist threat is a predictable consequence of our meddling in affairs of others and has nothing to do with us being free and prosperous?

Dr. Paul Speaks about the Stimulus Package

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Dr. Paul correctly terms the stimilus package a “spending bill” and voices encouragement that other Republicans are standing against it.

Ron Paul on Morning Joe Discussing the Government Bailouts

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Ron Paul in answer to the idea that “the house is already on fire and we need to put water on it”:  “You’re correct, the house is on fire- you think we’re putting water on it. I think we’re putting kerosene on it.”

Ron Paul Responds to Obama’s Inaugural Address

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In this video, Dr. Paul cuts to the chase by pointing out that Obama is really making an argument for more and bigger government, while attempting to camouflage it behind fanciful (perhaps one could say “Orwellian”) rhetoric.

Who is the U.S.’s Central Economic Planner?

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Though it seems to fall on deaf ears, Dr. Paul continues to drive home the fact that central planning does not work and that it’s time to liquidate the bad debt.

Ron Paul: We helped create Hamas

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Dr. Paul continues to try and educate his fellow Congressmen regarding Israel, Palestine, how Hamas came into being and why we should never have gotten involved in the first place.

Ron Paul Discusses Auto Bailout with Neil Cavuto

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Surprised that Dr. Paul didn’t make it to the recent hearing Congress had with the automaker CEOs, Neil Cavuto questions Congressman Paul about the impending auto industry bailouts.  Dr. Paul’s answer as to why he wasn’t there-

“I know all the answers they’re going to give me, and they’re not going to entertain a serious approach to what they ought to be doing.”

Mises Institute Summit 2008 Review

The 2008 Mises Institute Supporters Summit

The GoScottRonld Standard Revisited

This past weekend was a chance for many of the Mises Institute’s supporters to get together, get familiar, and get updated on the Austrian tradition’s interpretation of recent events.  The focus of this weekend seminar was on the gold standard, and the increasingly desperate need for sound money in today’s fiat fiasco of an economy.  Speakers, local and international, delivered the message of monetary sanity to the supporters and students in attendance, as well as those who tuned in around the world via  Talks were given by many of today’s

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