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The U.S. needs an “all of the above” energy strategy: House members are making a big push to expand offshore energy production

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A group of House members is working to gain support from their colleagues to encourage the Department of the Interior to expand offshore energy access in the next Five Year Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program.

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) is spearheading the effort along with Reps. Bill Flores (R-TX), Richard Hudson (R-NC), and Scott Rigell (R-VA) to make offshore energy access — not just in the Gulf of Mexico but also to the Mid- and South-Atlantic as well as the Arctic — part of the United States’ energy strategy.

“[W]e believe that when Americans are free to dream and innovate,” the four House members wrote in a memo to their colleagues, “they will always find cheaper, cleaner, safer, and more efficient ways to use and produce energy.”

By gaining support to expand offshore drilling in the House, these four members hope they can prod the Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to make it a more prominent feature in the Five Year leasing program for 2017 to 2022. Along with the memo to colleagues, they’ve circulated a copy of the letter they intend to send to the Department of the Interior.

“Countries like Canada, Mexico and China are ramping up their efforts to develop their offshore resources and directly competing with the United States. Simply put: the status quo will not suffice,” the letter says. “By producing more American energy from our [Outer Continental Shelf] resources, we can help to insulate our nation from global price shocks and put the United States and our allies on a more secure path.”

Fiscal conservatives are being booted from House committee assignments

John Boehner

As House Speaker John Boehner and other Republican leaders try to wheel-and-deal with the White House on the “fiscal cliff” by debating how much they’re going to raise taxes, fiscal conservatives are, according to Daniel Horowitz at RedState, being booted from their committee assignments with no explanation or cause given (update at the bottom of the post that disputes part of Horowitz’s write-up):

Earlier today, we provided a list of those who made it onto the Super A committees.  Well, Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ) is a conservative freshman member who was actually kicked off the Financial Services Committee.  Members are rarely kicked off committees unless there is a scandal.

David Schweikert is one of those 2010 freshmen who is actually a Tea Partier in deed as well as rhetoric.  While many freshmen folded under the pressure from leadership, Schweikert was actually removed from the Whip team because of his conservative dissent during the budget battles.

And who is replacing him on the committee?  Our good buddy, Richard Hudson (NC-8), who was handpicked by leadership to run.  Hmmm, I can’t remember the last time a sophomore member was replaced by an incoming freshman for no good reason.

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