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Bill Diblasio

“We can’t allow DiBlasio to Fail”- Harry Belafonte. All the political stars were out to see the swearing in of Bill DiBlasio including Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Andrew Cuomo. Have we seen progressives taken a forefront in New York? This is to be seen if it will benefit us in the long run. DiBlasio quoted FDR and talks of unemployment insurance yet he does not speak of jobs, opportunity, and out of control spending. New York Republicans will take hold of these claims as someone who is missing out the real problems of the poor and working class. How to enter the middle class income and maintain system reliance to benefit in social security and tax returns. I will keep a eye on him if he is to benefit the poverty rate. How can we move forward if we don’t correct the common issues that have plagued our city? #DiblasioNewYork


Ian Hosein BA MBA

[email protected]

Greater New York City

A Thought on Ron Paul Foreign Policy

As far as I can remember Ron Paul has stood for a non-interventionist foreign policy. He said we should mind our own business and put america first. I agree with him on most levels however when we are in the know and the use of chemical substances in for example syria and libya should we not get involved and protect more life? When we do get involved in foreign matters, we should not just leave and forget it why we were there in the first place. We should finish the job so we don’t have to go back when the same problems arise again. Even Ron Paul voted for the afghanistan war and the popularity of the effort has sunk in the american polls.


Ian Hosein BA MBA

[email protected]

Greater New York City

The Guy in Pajamas


The latest obama ad shows a young man talking about signing up for obamacare. Figures does it not? It is Obama’s target audience minorities under the age of 25 who can’t afford private insurance. I believe the country is already upset with the price he boosted to fluctuate the premium and drop the “good type” of insurance. I know for a fact the individuals that are signing up for this plan will not be treated the same way as individuals who kept private. So is socialized medicine. Finally, Michaeal Moore will you do all of us a favor, if you like socialized cuba medicine go live there and enjoy it. Ultra-Capitalist with a Socialized Front.


Ian Hosein BA MBA

[email protected]

Greater New York City

What happens when the government shuts down…

There’s a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth about the government shutdown that started today. Democrats in both chambers of Congress have been complaining about how it will slowdown basic services and hurt Americans. But there are a lot of misconceptions about what services and programs are affected.

Reason magazine put together the video below back in 2011 listing the departments, agencies and programs that will continue running during a government shutdown. Medicare will continue running and Social Security checks will still go out. The IRS will, unfortunately, continue to operate. The United States Postal Service and the TSA will also work through a shutdown.

Non-essential government workers will be furloughed, though it’s likely that they’ll get paid when an agreement is reached on spending. President Barack Obama and Congress will, unfortunately, continue to receive their paychecks during a shutdown.

Check out the video from Reason:

George Will’s Libertarian Evolution: Q&A on Obama, Syria, & the Power of Choice

See Video

Nick Gillespie and Reason TV chat with George Will, a conservative journalist, about his transformation to libertarianism.

Americans oppose raising the debt ceiling

debt ceiling

Though most members of Congress are focused on funding the federal government for another year, there is another battle on the horizon — raising the federal debt ceiling, which will be reached mid-next month.

House Republicans want some sort of a trade off from the White House to raise the debt ceiling, currently at $16.7 trillion, either further spending cuts or concessions on ObamaCare, and are tossing around the idea of holding a clean vote on the measure to show that there isn’t support for it inside the chamber. The White House, however, isn’t interested in having a debate on raising the debt ceiling.

Disagreement on how to approach the issue could lead to a stalemate similar to what the country saw in 2011 when Congress passed the Budget Control Act, a compromise between the Congress and the White House that led to the sequester.

But two new polls show that Americans are opposed to raising the debt ceiling.

NBC News and the Wall Street Journal released a poll at the end of last week showing that a plurality of Americans oppose raising the debt limit, at 44/22.

Though opposition is strong, NBC News notes that President Obama will be able to frame the debate over the issue, giving him an advantage over House Republicans who have frequently been unable to frame a coherent message.

What is Libertarian Populism?

See Video

Via Reason Magazine on YouTube, Nick Gillespie chats with Ben Domenech, Tim Carney, and Jesse Walker about “libertarian populism” and the potential appeal it could have to Americans who are tired of cronyism and big government.

ObamaCare fix for Congress may be illegal

Members of Congress and their staffers may have gotten a reprieve from ObamaCare, but legality of the “fix” is in question.

Thanks to a soon to be issued ruling from the Office of Personnel Managment (OPM), those who work on Capitol Hill will still receive nearly 75% contribution from the federal government to help pay for their health insurance coverage. That was at risk due to a provision of ObamaCare that required members of Congress and their staffers to be subject to the law.

Had OPM not relented to pressure from President Obama and leaders from both parties in Congress, members would have seen their health insurance premiums skyrocket because the subsidies provided through ObamaCare wouldn’t have been enough to make up the difference.

But the legality of the fix is being called into question, as Peter Suderman explained yesterday at Reason:

It’s not clear how this will work: Will staffers simply get the cash value of the employer contribution? Or will OPM put the money toward the exchange premium?

It’s time to reform Social Security

Social Security

In a new video from Reason TV, Nick Gillespie explains that it’s time for Congress to get serious about Social Security reform.

Gillespie cites three strong reasons to tackle this problem now. First, Social Security is financially broke and will the surpluses it has amassed will be gone by 2033. That point was recently driven home by a report from the program’s trustees showing $23.1 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

Secondly, Gillespie explains that Social Security is a bad investment because Americans will receive less in benefits than they pay in taxes. And lastly, Americans don’t have any control over their contributions, which is especially unfair to younger workers. This means that they can’t invest their money in retirement account that better suits their needs, nor can they leave what they’ve put in the system to their loved ones.

Check out the two-minute video below:

Reason: Tap It: The NSA Slow Jam

Remy and Reason TV have teamed up to bring us this hilarious take on the NSA surveillance scandal. What better way to a very serious issue than a little comedy, right?

H/T: Ron Paul Problems

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