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Massie Drops Two Bills in Defense of Raw Milk Distribution

raw milk

Farmers across America continue to be harassed and fined for distributing unprocessed milk. This has been a problem to hard-working American families even before former congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) introduced his Unpasteurized Raw Milk Bill, HR 1830, in 2011.

Now, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has announced he is dropping two separate bills addressing the same issues with the goal of restoring the farmers’ right to distribute milk, and the consumer’s right to choose what he or she wants to put in their own bodies.

Dairy farmers across the country find themselves in trouble with the law over the Food and Drug Administration’s strict guidelines, which end up pushing the raw milk business to the sidelines, turning it into a black market and thus increasing the risks associated with the poor processing quality. When laws are too strict, farmers can no longer make use of the protection of an open market where they compete freely. Consumers are the ones who lose.

While many doctors continue to defend the reasons why people may prefer to drink raw milk, many others will say that raw milk is in fact hazardous and must be kept from consumers, for their own good.

While the open debate is always important, banning a consumer item solely on the premises that it may eventually cause somebody harm is just not compatible with living in a free society, where individuals are aware they might have to face certain risks every now and then but are also entirely free to opt out.

Understanding Freedom

Freedom shouldn’t be all that complicated.  Unfortunately, it apparently is.

Far to many people feel that freedom really only means freedom for the things they like.  Oh sure, the Second Amendment is sacrosanct, but the freedom to not have to hear Christianity rammed down someone’s throat?  No, that’s a whole other ballgame. The fact that the First Amendment prevents the establishment of a state religion - and Christianity is a relgion - appears lost on many of these folks.

For a nation to be free, and I mean truly free, then we must tolerate things which we may find objectionable.  Drug use, prostitution, alcohol consumption (and yes, there are people who still want alcohol prohibition), or whatever.  It doesn’t matter, because real freedom must mean that people have the freedom to do a certain amount of bad things.

Should that mean people are free to rape, murder, rob, or anything else?  Absolutely not. Those all involve violating the rights of another, and that should always be off limits. I can’t think of a living soul who argues otherwise though I’m sure such fools exist.

However, there are a lot of laws that dictate what I can and can’t do with my own body.  Take, for example, laws that prevent me from consuming raw milk.  Personally, I think it’s not a smart thing to do.  However, I still believe I should have the right to consume it if I so choose.  After all, consuming non-pastuerized milk hurts no one but myself.

Many people can see that, and agree with me.  However, many of those same people will argue that drug use is a whole other ball game.  After all, they say, drugs create a whole world of crime around it.  That is true…but only because of prohibition.  There is zero evidence that legalizing drugs would do anything but decrease the crime that surrounds drugs.

Podcast: FY09 Deficit, Lindsey Graham vs. Ron Paul, Arizona police shooting of homeowner; Guest: Katie Brewer

Jason and Brett had their first guest on the podcast.  They were joined by Katie Brewer, Ms. June in the Ladies of Liberty Alliance calendar, former co-host of Liberty Cafe Show, Steering committee member for the Texans for Accountable Government PAC, liberty activist, and home schooling mom of two girls.

Together, they discuss:

Food Under Assault: Farm-To-Consumers Legal Defense Fund Needs Your Help

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

Imagine a scenario where you’re at the office and a few guys from the government randomly show up unannounced one day and say they just want to come in and have a quick look around. No need to be alarmed, they assure you. We just need to check and make sure everything’s in order…And so you, being the honest broker you are, open the door and let them in.

A few hours later, your business and shut down for unspecified, and only possible, violations. They’ll get back to you, they say, about what they think you’ve done wrong. In the meantime, you’re out of business and still trying to make ends meet until the issue is resolved. Sound inconceivable? Pete Kennedy of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) knows it’s not, because it is exactly the kind of thing that happens to small family farmers who are trying to make a living in this age of big government and over-regulation. His organization, in fact, details the stories and how farmers can protect themselves at their website.

“From what I’ve seen, [the FDA] would like to control all food regulation and have everything sterilized,” says the attorney and President of the organization that seeks to protect those farmers by offering legal advice and defending them against government “strong-arming” if necessary. “It comes down to freedom of food choice. Our main mission is to protect farmers and consumers so they can engage in direct commerce.”

Yeah, we’re living in a police state

For years, people on all sides of the ideological spectrum have warned that the other side wants to create a police state.  It’s a great scare tactic, usually used to warn voters off of a candidate because their positions would take us down the rabbit hole and we would awaken in Wonderland a police state.  Here’s the thing to consider…they all might have been right.

You may miss this on the mainstream news, but the transformation of SWAT from what it originally was envisioned as – a quick response force for times when regular law enforcement wasn’t going to be enough – to a default body that kicks in doors for almost any warrant being served has many wondering if the line to police state has already been crossed.

Reason’s Hit & Run sat down recently with the director of a documentary that outlines SWAT-style raids on the most dangerous of criminals…folks that sell raw milk.

Guns drawn, a SWAT team kicks in the door of a private business. Are the cops there for drug dealers? Mafia mobsters? Terrorists?

No, the long arm of the law is out for the real dangerous contraband: raw milk and grass-fed chickens.

Nick Gillespie sits down with Kristin Canty, director of Farmageddon: The Unseen War on American Farms, a new documentary about small farms and co-ops that have been raided by the Food & Drug Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and state-level agencies and have had their products seized and destroyed. One particularly gruesome case involved a flock of sheep being killed because of the non-existent threat of the sheep acquiring Mad Cow Disease.

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