United Liberty’s Top 10 Stories from 2011

We’re winding down on another year. Much like recent years, 2011 represented challenges for liberty and the Constitution. These hurdles came from all sides, including the Obama Administration and Republicans in Congress, and we are ending the year a little less free than in 2010.

Below is a recap of some of bigger stories of the year that were covered here at United Liberty (though a couple are thrown in for fun). Thanks for reading in what was a record breaking year for this blog. We appreciate the readership and hope you’ll keep coming back in 2012

Happy New Year!

— The Death of Osama bin Laden (Jason Pye): On Sunday, May 1st, word broke that the White House had called notified the press of a major announcement. You could tell that it was a significant event since the president was making such a statement late on a Sunday evening.As you probably remember, wild speculation started almost immediately as many people said that it could have only meant a couple of things, either we were going to war or Osama bin Laden had finally been captured.

Around 11pm, President Barack Obama told Americans that, after nearly 10 years after murdering nearly 3,000 innocent people, Osama bin Laden was dead. Bin Laden, leader of the terrorist group, al-Qaeda, was killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan by a group of Navy SEALS at a compound that he had lived in for five years.

Rapture predictions a bust

Saturday was allegedly going to be the day.  All the believer would be taken to Heaven while things got real interesting down here on Earth.  Harold Camping claimed he had done all the calculations and knew what was what.  He knew that this time he would be right (he had previous claimed the Rapture was going to be in September 1994).  Now, some people are rather upset.

For example:

But even if he actually did believe his own prediction (who knows — but I doubt it), he couldn’t have been clueless about the fact that he was running a profitable business based on a cockamamie work of fiction.

He raked in tons of dough from Family Radio followers between 2005-2009. Sure, you could argue that it’s his followers own fault for falling for Camping’s BS. I definitely agree with that to some extent. Some of his followers blew their money on luxury cars and vacations. Kinda dumb!

But on the other hand, it pains me to hear that some of his followers were so blinded by Camping’s message that they gave everything they had to the man. New York local news reported that one men spent all of his savings to buy an ad campaign for the May 21 doomsday message. One teenager admitted that his parents stopped saving for his college education. Some of his followers even budgeted their money so they’d be left penniless today. All of this is shameful and at the very least, cringe-worthy.

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