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Facebook Privacy - An Oxymoron

I have decided to delete my Facebook account and here’s why.

Facebook has increasingly disregarded it’s users personal data. It is changing it’s privacy policy frequently and is selling more and more information to 3rd party sites.

Facebook has even made it difficult to monitor your privacy settings, burying them layers of menu’s making them impossible to find. When privacy changes come, they are located under a new section, they are enabled by default, and you must take an active role to disable them, again and again. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you haven’t been paying attention.

Some of your personal information, such as Liking or becoming a Fan of a group, is not even able to be hidden. It is publicly availible to anyone.

As a computer geek, who spends tens of hours on the web every week, I must caution you against keeping your Facebook account. Facebook’s leadership does not have your interests in mind when they are thinking about the future of Facebook.

It is this trend which concerns me. Consider this, how many of you use any part of your brithday as a password or a screename for an account? If you are, you’re making it much easier to get scammed. That data can be given to third party sites. So now, there’s more places than just Facebook that hold your information. And that’s just one example.

What are those third party sites’ policy when they get hacked? How will they let you know you’re personal information has been compromised? Do they even have that kind of an agreement with Facebook? And how are you supposed to keep up with that information?

Facebook Privacy - An Oxymoron (Part 3)

Just when you think Facebook can’t sell you out even more, they make a permissions change which does.  (This was released on their developer blog - essentially in the dark of night):

We are now making a user’s address and mobile phone number accessible as part of the User Graph object.

Every time you add a new app to your profile or grant access to an app they can request that you make your address and cell available.  How many people stop and actually read the text of the permissions pop-up?  Few, if any.


Want to be reassured?

As a reminder, the access and use of this data is governed by our Platform Policies which we recommend you review periodically.

As if that hasn’t been violated before.

Don’t feel comfortable, you’re not among “friends”.

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