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Jay Carney admits President Obama lied to Americans about Obamacare

During his daily briefing with reporters, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney was pressed on President Barack Obama’s promise that Americans could keep their health insurance plan under Obamacare after an admission by former White House advisor David Axelrod that some will, indeed, lose their coverage.

Ed Henry, a correspondent from Fox News, pointedly asked Carney about Axelrod’s comments and challenged him to admit that what President Obama said wasn’t true.

“The President, when he was trying to get the law passed, repeatedly said, if you currently have health insurance you will be able to keep your plan,” noted Henry. “This morning David Axelrod was pressed on that point and said, the majority — the vast majority — will be able to keep their plans. He no longer works at the White House.”

“From the podium, will you admit that when president said, if you have a plan, you’ll get to keep it, that that was not true?” asked Henry.

“Well, let’s just be clear, what the President said and what everybody said all along was that there were going to be changes under brought about by the Affordable Care Act that create minimum standards of coverage — minimum services that every insurance plan has to provide,” said Carney.

White House confirms it could provide “rough estimate” of enrollments

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney faced more tough questions from reporters on Friday over Obamacare, this time over stories that the administration had initial enrollment numbers from the federal insurance exchange and, very likely, could provide the data desired by members of Congress.

After chiding Republicans for releasing “cherry-picked” numbers, Carney said that administration officials always anticipated that enrollment would start out slow and then up before open enrollment ends on March 31, 2014.

“And the focus here, for understandable reasons, I guess, is on how low the number might be,” Carney told reported. “And I think — listen to me now — they were always going to be low, the enrollment figures for the first month, because that’s how enrollment periods work. That’s how Massachusetts worked.”

The administration needs 7 million enrollments, including a solid mix of young and health people to help pick up the costs of the sick and elderly who also sign-up for coverage, in order for the math behind the law to work. The administration anticipated 494,620 enrollments in the first month, which was, as the Associated Press noted, “portrayed as a slow start.”

Chuck Todd, a correspondent with NBC News, later pressed Carney on the numbers. “I’m saying somebody every day is finding out, here are today’s numbers,” he said.

Reporters worried they’ll lose White House access if they ask about Benghazi

White House Press Pool

With last week’s explosive new revelations about the Benghazi terrorist attack, which includes the CIA going to great lengths to keep operatives from talking to the media and a U.S.-backed gun smuggling operation that sent arms to rebels in Syria, one would think that the media would be all over it.

But looking over the transcript of yesterday’s White House press briefing, there was no mention of this story and only a passing mention of Benghazi in a question about al-Qaeda. This story didn’t come from some conservative publication, it came from Jake Tapper at CNN, a journalist who is highly regarded by Democrats and Republicans alike.

So what gives?

Mediaite notes that some CNN reporters are worried that they will lose their access to the White House because of the latest story about Benghazi:

Some CNN reporters are reportedly fearful now that their access to the White House will be hampered following their probing into a story that members of the Obama administration would prefer remain uninvestigated.

“Access is a very serious consideration when it comes to stories that could adversely impact a show, correspondent, or network’s relationship with the administration, a campaign, or any political leader,” one source with insider information told Mediaite.

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