Operation Backbone

Operation Backbone: Fresh Air in a Cynical World


Politics is cynical and weird. It is often far removed from the finer choices people make every day: to be good parents, do the right thing by their communities, serve their country, sometimes even to disability and death. So when politics intersects with individuals making those choices — as it did with the not-too-distant discussion over the shortcomings of the Veterans Affairs Administration and how well they were, or were not, caring for our veterans — it’s sometimes hard to see the light.

But Mike Sformo, Navy Veteran and founder/CEO of Operation Backbone, may have found some way to heal the misunderstanding and rebuild the public — and veteran — trust in the VA. And, most importantly, help those veterans and their families who are fighting to overcome the physical and emotional tolls of battle, and who make the hard decision to push through the pain every day.

According to the OPBB website, Sformo says he started the organization mostly for the wives:

“I actually created Backbone for wives and spouses of wounded veterans in mind. I became very upset thinking about how I would feel if my wife Maria would have to hold up all that weight on her own—the weight of the family, bills, kids, school, plus the weight of a wounded husband! All that while trying to maintain as normal a life for our children.

Many wives and spouses of wounded veterans do this with little or no help from their families because many live far away due to the orders, bases, and locations of the military. So I initially created Backbone for the wives to have a simple and direct route for helping to take car of their soldiers who have incurred the most severe wounds on and off battle while protecting our great nation.

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