MI-3: Justin Amash Has 14-Point Lead

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There’s good news out of Michigan today. New polling shows Michigan Congressman Justin Amash has a 14-point lead over Steve Pestka, his Democrat challenger.

If you’re not yet familiar with Amash, you should take the time to get to know him. While I usually agree with him on issues, Amash’s voting record is only part of the reason I’m such a huge fan.

1. Justin Amash has never missed a vote in Congress.

One of my frustrations with legislators is the number of votes they miss. Sure, some votes really don’t matter, but when you’re selected to represent people, you ought to be there. Amash makes sure he is present for every vote that comes to the floor of the House.

2. Justin Amash explains every vote on his Facebook page.

Not only is he present for every vote, he explains those votes on his Facebook page. He’s the first member of Congress to be so proactively straightforward about transparency in government. I like my own Congressman a lot, but if I want to know why he supported or opposed legislation, I’ve got to either send an email or call his office and then wait for a form letter reply. Amash’s constituents can look on Facebook to see every vote he has ever cast and the reason for his position on the issue.

In a time where so many politicians are worthless, corrupt, and hungry for just a little more power, it’s refreshing to see someone doing the job he was sent to do and being transparent about it.

Justin Amash stays popular back home

Justin Amash

Last month, a group of fiscal conservatives were unceremoniously kicked off of their committee assignements by House Speaker John Boehner. The purge highlighted the schism between GOP leadership and fiscal conservatives in the House and set off the grassroots in their defense.

While these members may eventually find themselves facing primary challenges because of their willingness to stand strong on fiscal issues, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) is finding that standing by his principles is resonating well at home:

On Wednesday night, Amash took questions at a town hall meeting at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, a place that honors the presidency and long congressional career of a consummate party loyalist and legislative consensus builder.

Amash, born three years after Ford left the White House, is taking a different path — bucking the GOP leadership on issue after issue, including last week’s challenge to Boehner’s re-election as speaker.

A crowd of about 175 people turned out for the town hall in downtown Grand Rapids.

“It’s been a very eventful last month or two in Congress, to say the least,” Amash said, alluding to his newfound notoriety. “Even I’m sick of seeing myself in the paper.”

But the very warm reception was also a reminder that for a conservative Republican elected from a conservative district, being labeled a troublemaker by the establishment is not necessarily bad politics back home.

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