Matt Bevins

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell May Face Democrat Challenge

Tom FitzGerald

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) escaped a very public challenge to his U.S. Senate seat last month when actress Ashley Judd ended speculation that she would run for the office, but he may have a new challenger in environmental lawyer and activist, Tom FitizGerald.

FitzGerald, 58, is a lifelong Democrat, Founder and Director of the Kentucky Resources Council, and has been active in state evinronmental issues since the 1970s. He says he is being encouraged to run and believes that McConnell’s 28 year tenure in the Senate should come to an end.

“I’ve seen the devolution of McConnell as a progressive, modern county judge in Jefferson County to an increasingly right-wing politician who is defined more by protecting power than meeting the needs of Kentuckians,” he said.

Currently, the incumbent faces no GOP challenger, although speculation remains whether Kentucky businessman Matt Bevins will decide to run for the seat. Democrat contractor Ed Marksberry of Owensboro and Louisville musician and music promoter Bennie J. Smith have said they will enter the race, but neither have a statewide following.

FitzGerald has said he will make a decision by mid-May, and would resign his office at the nonpartisan Kentucky Resources Council if he decides to challenge Senator McConnell.

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