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7 Reasons Why Kevin McCarthy Shouldn’t Replace Eric Cantor

John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, and Eric Cantor

Republicans were jockeying for position to move up on the ladder before Eric Cantor (R-VA), who lost his primary bid in a shocking upset on Tuesday night, announced that he would step down from his post as House Majority Leader at the end of July.

But with the leadership election scheduled for Thursday, June 19, several names are being kicked around to replace Cantor, among them is current Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

Yeah, no. That’s a terrible idea.

McCarthy has been in lock-step with Cantor, who endorsed him yesterday, and Speaker John Boehner (R-OH). He’s essentially the status quo. Nothing will change in the House if McCarthy becomes the next Majority Leader. It would be a politically tone deaf move for House Republicans to choose a carbon copy of Cantor to lead their conference.

And here are some reasons why.

America Speaking Out … A Recipe for Disaster?

After the much ballyhooed tour of the country by Rep. Kevin McCarthy, he came up with a brilliant plan called America Speaking Out. His great plan is pander to the American people as to what a Republican Congress should do the next term.  There is nothing more depressing than to see a Congressman stand before you and with a white board and ask you what you want Congress to accomplish next year.

Has Boehner, Cantor and the entire Republican leadership been so devoid of ideas that their best idea to win control of Congress is to pander?

It has been over a year since the American people started to rise up in anger over the out of control spending, the forced socialization of our healthcare, and the never ending stream of bailouts.  It was a rather simple message that the American people were trying to convey. It wasn’t all too complicated. In fact a simple kindergartener could understand it, but not the House Republican leadership.

Is it so hard for them to stand before the American people and say “We as Republicans pledge to you to not raise your taxes, hold the line on spending, and repeal ObamaCare.”

If they can’t do this one simple thing it is difficult to imagine them convincing anyone in the Tea Party movement and the larger Conservative movement as a whole that they deserve another chance at controlling Congress.

GOP: Back in the Saddle Again

See Video

House Minority Whips, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy, put together a quick, fun little video about the recently passed spendulous package.

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“I used to support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I thought being ‘patriotic’ and loving my country meant never questioning foreign wars. I was all rah rah America! show ‘em who is boss!…Boy…things change. I saw too many men in their early 20s who lost limbs in war. Their entire lives destroyed. Young 22 year olds dealing with post traumatic stress. Unable to live a normal life. Too many mothers crying over caskets. They will never be able to cope with losing their son or daughter at such a young age.”Julie Borowski

House members are pushing Kevin McCarthy to bring up the Ron Paul-backed Audit the Fed bill for a vote

Twenty-two members of the House of Representatives have sent a letter urging incoming Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to bring up the Federal Reserve Transparency Act (H.R. 24) for an up or down vote.

The letter was authored by Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA), who introduced the “Audit the Fed” bill in January 2013 after Ron Paul (R-TX) left Congress, and signed by members of both parties, including Reps. Justin Amash (R-MI), Thomas Massie (R-KY), Jack Kingston (R-GA), and James Sensenbrenner (R-WI).

“We believe that H.R. 24 is not only one of the most important pieces of legislation pending in this Congress, but that is is also highly likely to pass the House with a strong bipartisan vote,” the House members wrote to McCarthy. “We sincerely hope that you will give H.R. 24 the priority it deserves as you begin your tenure as the House Majority Leader.”

The Federal Reserve Transparency Act, which now has 228 cosponsors, would require the central bank to open certain information to the Government Accountability Office currently excluded from audits in subsection (b) of 31 USC 714. This would include the Federal Reserve’s agreements and transactions with foreign central banks and discussions between the Treasury Department.

Here’s how big government Republicans and Democrats are colluding to save the crony Export-Import Bank

Congress may avoid a straight up or down vote on reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, according to Politico. The Bank’s supporters in Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, are talking about attaching reauthorization to the upcoming Continuing Resolution, which would keep the federal government funded through the election:

High-level discussions between the two chambers are in their infancy, and senior aides caution there is no deal in the immediate offing. But there are forces in both chambers pushing to renew the Export-Import Bank and pass an extension of the Highway Trust Fund before the election.

The House will go first, and plans to extend the Highway Trust Fund sometime in the next two weeks, keeping the program funded until early 2015, Republican sources said. That would give Congress more time to debate a more permanent solution for federal highway funding.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is considering attaching a short-term reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank to a continuing resolution that would keep the government funded past Sept. 30. It would be meant as a dare to House Republicans to shut down the government over the bank in the weeks before Election Day. House Republican leadership has discussed this possibility, but has not decided how they would react if Reid goes in that direction, according to senior House Republican sources. Reid and House Speaker John Boehner met Tuesday.

House Republicans have also discussed passing a so-called CR to keep the government open before August as a way to increase their leverage with the Senate.

“The private sector can do it”: New House Republican leader says Congress should let the crony Export-Import Bank expire

Kevin McCarthy

In his first major talk show appearance since being elected to serve as the next House Majority Leader, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace that he’s ready to end the Export-Import Bank, the reauthorization of which could hit the floor of the lower chamber in the next few months.

“Authority for the Export-Import Bank which…helps encourage the selling of U.S. products overseas expires in September,” Wallace noted. “Do you agree with conservatives who say that the Export-Import Bank is crony capitalism and it should be put out of business, allowed to expire?”

“One of the problems with government is they go and take hard earned money so others do things that the private sector can do,” McCarthy replied. “That’s what the Ex-Im Bank does. The last authorization with the Ex-Im bank directed the President and the Treasury secretary to wind down the Ex-Im bank, negotiate with other countries to wind them down so we have a level playing field.”

McCarthy noted that the House Financial Services Committee will hold a hearing this week on the proposed reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank.

After McCarthy, Scalise victories, Ted Cruz will meet with House conservatives… again.

Paul Teller

Just minutes after House Republicans elected Reps. Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise to the positions of Majority Leader and Majority Whip, respectively, Texas Senator Ted Cruz invited the most conservative House Republicans to “an off-the-record gathering for an evening of discussion and fellowship” next Tuesday, June 24 at 7:00pm.

The email invitation, according to Washington Post national political reporter Robert Costa, was sent by Paul Teller, Sen. Cruz’s deputy chief of staff.

But Teller’s connection to newly-elected House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is one that conservatives shouldn’t forget. According to Teller’s LinkedIn account, he worked as the Executive Director of the Republican Study Committee (RSC) for nearly 13 years.

The RSC was founded by Paul Weyrich in 1973 to pull House Republicans to the Right. For most of its lifespan, the RSC was the conservative conscience of the House Republican Conference. According to a number of well-respected movement conservatives, many moderate and “Establishment” Republicans now claim membership in the RSC.

“It’s sort of the ‘cool thing’ to do,” said one conservative familiar with the organization’s membership.

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“Talk is cheap…except when Congress does it.” — Cullen Hightower

— Rand Paul smacks down Obama and neocon foreign policy: In an editorial at the Wall Street Journal, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) cautions the Obama administration and lawmakers from choosing sides in, what has become, the Iraq civil war. But something he mentioned in the piece deserves some attention. “Saying the mess in Iraq is President Obama’s fault ignores what President Bush did wrong. Saying it is President Bush’s fault is to ignore all the horrible foreign policy decisions in Syria, Libya, Egypt and elsewhere under President Obama, many of which may have contributed to the current crisis in Iraq. For former Bush officials to blame President Obama or for Democrats to blame President Bush only serves as a reminder that both sides continue to get foreign policy wrong. We need a new approach, one that emulates Reagan’s policies, puts America first, seeks peace, faces war reluctantly, and when necessary acts fully and decisively,” Paul writes. “Too many in Washington are prevented by their own pride from admitting their mistakes. They are more concerned about saving face or pursuing a rigid ideology than they are with constructing a realist foreign policy.” Basically, both sides are to blame for the foreign policy mess that we’re in today, and there’s really no getting around that.

JUST IN: House Republicans select McCarthy for Majority Leader, Scalise for Majority Whip

House Republican Leadership

(Story updated at the bottom with results.)

House Republicans are filing into a conference room in the Longworth House Office Building to select a new Majority Leader and Majority Whip in the wake of Eric Cantor’s shocking primary defeat and decision to step down as Majority Leader at the end of July.

The vote is scheduled to take place between 2:00pm and 4:00pm.

The two candidates for Majority Leader are current Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy and Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador. McCarthy is the odds-on favorite to win and has the backing of outgoing Majority Leader Cantor, but Labrador “is working hard to earn people’s votes,” according to Michigan Congressman Justin Amash, who supports Labrador and has produced a spreadsheet of Republicans who have publicly committed to voting for McCarthy, Labrador, or are undecided.

In recent days, Labrador has mustered the support of conservatives like RedState’s Erick Erickson and FreedomWorks’ Matt Kibbe, who sent an email to Freedomworks members asking them to call their Representative to encourage them to vote for Labrador.

Sources on the Hill say Republican offices were flooded with calls from constituents yesterday asking their Members to support Labrador over McCarthy.

The winner needs 117 votes if all 233 members of the House Republican Conference are present. Voting will take place by secret ballot.

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