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StopWatching.Us: Celebrities, activists demand the NSA end surveillance


The StopWatching.Us coalition released a new video in advance of its planned rally this weekend in Washington explaining the threats that the NSA’s unprecedented spying and secrecy represents to Americans’ personal privacy and to our democracy.

The video features comments from several activists, legal experts, whistleblowers, and celebrities — including John Cusak, Wil Wheaton, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Oliver Stone — all of whom note that the NSA is collecting data of Americans phone callsInternet recordsemails, and even their social media connections without any cause. The video also compares the NSA’s secrecy to that of the Nixon Administration:

NSA opponents to hold rally against spying in late October

StopWatching.Us rally

Opponents of the National Security Agency’s broad surveillance apparatus are organizing a rally to remind elected officials the violation of Americans’ civil liberties through the collection of their phone records and Internet metadata.

StopWatching.Us — a coalition of more 100 groups, including the ACLU, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Digital Fourth, Electronic Frontier Foundation, FreedomWorks, Mozilla, and reddit — plans to stage the rally on October 26th in Washington, DC, where organizers will present Congress with petitions containing the signatures of more than 569,000 people who are opposed to NSA spying.

“On Saturday, October 26 — the 12th anniversary of the signing of the USA PATRIOT Act — thousands of people from across the political spectrum will unite in Washington, D.C. to proclaim: Enough is enough. Stop watching us,” StopWatching.Us said in the announcement of the rally.

“We are demanding a full Congressional investigation of America’s surveillance programs, reform to federal surveillance law, and accountability from public officials responsible for hiding this surveillance from lawmakers and the public,” the organizers added. “And we will personally deliver the half million petition signatures to Congress.”

Actor John Cusack not happy with media’s NSA coverage

John Cusack

Yes. We’re still talking about the NSA, the wide range of spying programs the agency continues to run and how Americans are handling the apparent incessant flow of leaks.

Just before enthusiastic reports concerning the NSA whistleblower’s whereabouts, the drama involving the plane carrying Bolivia’s president Evo Morales, and how France and Portugal refused to allow the plane to travel in their airspace came about, actor and producer John Cusack expressed heartfelt umbrage when asked how he felt about the media and its handling of the issues.

“Why are the red and blue elites in the establishment press so afraid of an informed public”? As a Freedom of the Press Foundation’s active board member, John Cusack expressed frustration with the media’s seemingly neglectful coverage of the NSA’s spying programs and distasteful approach to the whistleblower’s character during a recent phone interview.

According to Cusack, the media is doing a great job, if the its sole purpose is to assassinate the whistleblower’s character and avoid tackling the real issues.

Leftists Gone Wild!

If you’re in Twitter world and you follow Tabitha Hale, a really cool chick who works for FreedomWorks (one of the more principled activist groups), you may have witnessed the exchanges between her and actor John Cusack, who also slammed Fox News, Dick Armey and others during his multi-tweet (is that a word?) diatribe.

We often hear that political discourse has reached new lows. You’ll year people call conservatives and Republicans “haters,” a discription that was frequently used by Cusack in his Twitter feed, or that they are the “party of hate.” I do disagree with their positions on a few socials issues, but both sides are just as guilty of “intolerance” (and I’m using that loosely, I don’t mean it as a smear).

For example, here is a sampling of messages and e-mails left by liberals for FreedomWorks employees (language warning):

Do you still think it’s just Republicans contributing to the break down of political discourse in the country?

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