America 2008-2012: Obama, You Want it? You Can Have It

Thats right. Barack Obama, I oppose most of what you stand for, especially your economic policies. Unless you are talking about Iraq or civil liberties I really do not find any of your policy stances likable, and even then I generally do not approve of your approach to the problems. You have taken a stand against upper middle class families who have worked their way to the top, yet you also stand with the various corporate interests.

Call for Intervention in Darfur is Short-Sighted

Back in 2006, George Clooney went on Real Time with Bill Maher in order to make the case for intervening in Darfur. Clooney compared his vision of intervention to the NATO bombing in Kosovo under then President Bill Clinton. Clooney is and was then a fierce opponent of President Bush’s Iraq policy.

The logical inconsistency there flabbergasted me then, and I still hold that view. Like Iraq, Sudan is ruled by an Arab regime empowered by oil money. Like Iraq, Sudan has been known to be more than a little hospitable to terrorists. And like the 2003 intervention in Iraq, and like various other troublespots throughout the globe, intervention in Sudan has serious potential of degenerating into a military quagmire.

Is Obama Anti-war?

Somehow the Democratic Party is conceived by many as the anti-war party.

Despite a history of foreign interventions occurring during all of the last four Democratic administrations (in which even the Nobel Peace Prize winning President Jimmy Carter armed the Mujahideen in Afghanistan), the overt hawkishness of the Bush Administration has resulted in a perception of the Democrats as doves. This is aided by remarks such as those by Speaker Nancy Pelosi referring to Iraqis as “all God’s children” and the fact that both the current Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, and the chair of the DNC, Howard Dean, opposed the Iraq war from the beginning.

“The War Within”

Washington Post has a fairly long excerpt of Bob Woodward’s new book, The War Within, available for free on their website. It should provide a decent reminder of how serious the Iraq situation is, as the issue of Iraq seems to have become absent in the political campaign.

The revelation that the United States has been surveilling Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi Prime Minister, is significant, though not surprising. The situation we have placed ourselves in the Middle East requires the intense skepticism, distrust and possibly paranoia that leads to spying. At best someone like Iraqi Maliki could be the Mikhail Gorbachev or Nelson Mandela that the Bush Administration badly desires, and at worst he could be working with Iranians to murder American soldiers and turn Iraq into an Iranian satellite state. The latter is an unacceptable possibility.

As long as we are in Iraq, we’re not going to be able to trust the leadership. It’s best that we figure out a way to minimize our role in a realistic fashion.

Ron Paul Confronts Rice

Yet another reminder how one of the greatest Libertarians, Ron Paul, constantly fights for the American people. This isn’t to increase his profile either - Ron has been working for libertarian principles since he has been in congress. Who else goes into such detail in defense of non-interventionism? No euphemisms for Dr. No.
Condoleezzaa Rice: “We’re not planning, or intending an attack on Iran.”

One of the key statements I picked up from Condi was this:

“Finally as to what we intend to do, when we have a carrier strike group into the Gulf…It’s simply to demonstrate that the US remains determined to defend it’s interests in the Gulf and the interests of it’s Allies. And that Congressman is a position that has been held by American Presidents going back 60 Years.”

60 years of some of the most horrific wars the world has ever seen? That is only the tip of the iceberg as far as what these policies have done to our reputation around the world. I’d highly recommend the books by Chalmers Johnson:

Books by Chalmers Johnson

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