Hillary Clinton

Next Two Weeks - Reality TV or Soap Opera…

…or a little of both?

Two weeks of political hype has officially started with the kick-off of the Democrat Party Convention, taking place in Denver this year, and culminating with McCain’s acceptance speech in Minneapolis at the Republican Convention next week.

Looking past the multi-million dollar stages being used at both the Democrat and Republican Conventions, is there really any substance to this year’s presidential coronation ceremonies?

Rumor is that Obama’s acceptance speech, intending to correct Kerry’s 2004 mistake,  will be hard-hitting, highlighting the differences between McCain and himself.  That should take all of two minutes to delineate, giving him plenty of time for his “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” mantra.  I’m sure everyone will leave feeling warm and fuzzy, not at all concerned that they’re still not sure what their candidate stands for and whether he’s truly ready to lead this country.

Election Idol Season 3

Now who is John McCain going to pick?

The media circus continues.

As we approach the party conventions, all of America has their eyes on Obama/Biden and John McCain’s VP picks. The media cannot seem to stop talking about the choices and how the outcome will effect the election.


All the other contestants have been voted off. Hillary, Giuliani, Romney, and all the other strong contenders reflecting on who they think is going to win.

Last seasons veterans making a splash appearance - Kerry, Bush, Edwards.

Always process, never substance.

Two contenders called back to compete in the final round? Biden. Maybe Romney? Or a mystery contestant from Season 1? Lieberman?

The Time for Liberty

The Barr Campaign has just released a new video entitled ‘The Time for Liberty’. It illustrates very beautifully what our country is up against, and how our freedoms have been encroached upon for over 50 years. It has been talked about for many years, but now is the Time for Liberty. Spread this video where you can.

Let the Debates Begin!

Here’s the latest press release from the Barr campaign-


For Immediate Release - June 3, 2008

Bob Barr Welcomes Election Contest with Barack Obama and John McCain, Urges Weekly Debates

Atlanta, GA — Tonight the Democratic Party effectively finished its nomination process, choosing Sen. Barack Obama as its presidential candidate. Sen. Hillary Clinton fought long and well, helping spur a record voter turnout on the Democratic side. In most any other year she would have been her party’s standard-bearer, but she fell short against Sen. Obama, perhaps the Democrats’ most eloquent proponent of liberalism.

So long, Hillary… or not?

The AP is reporting that Hillary Rodham Clinton will admit this evening that Barrack Obama has enough delegates to secure the Democratic nomination…

…but Clinton campaign officials deny that she will be conceding the race, ending her hopes of becoming the first female President.

So, what will HRC have to say to us this evening after results from today’s primaries are apparent?

Harold Ickes, a top campaign official, said that Clinton would not drop out of the race. Asked on MSNBC what she would say if, after primaries in Montana and South Dakota, Obama had enough delegates to clinch the nomination, he replied, “She will say what she will say when she says it.”

Well, he cleared that up.

Clinton or McCain?

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