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I.O.U.S.A.: Byte-Sized - The 30 Minute Version

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A great documentary on the fiscal irresponsibility of the United States government.

Who are the Real Bigots?

I have shifted between anger and humor at the recent outcry from liberals concerning the invitation issued by President-elect Obama to Pastor Rick Warren to lead in prayer at the Obama inauguration. Consider that Presidents of both parties traditionally asked Evangelist Billy Graham to lead in prayer at their respective inaugurations. Graham was long considered America’s Pastor and one might wonder if Rick Warren might be assuming that same role.

Bush Shuts Barr Out

Tom Bevan at Real Clear Politics notes that Bob Barr apparently requested that President Bush allow him to be involved in the bailout negotiations, with predictable results. Here’s the press release from Barr’s campaign:

“I respectfully request to be included in the discussions with congressional leaders, Senators McCain and Obama and representatives of your administration,” Barr requests in his letter to Bush. “I am adamantly opposed to the commitment of taxpayer’s hard-earned money to protect the companies and individuals who made bad investment decisions.”

No More Laissez Faire?

The recent sweeping bailouts of irresponsible businesses reminds me of a quote by the great Thomas Jefferson, “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.”

That Jeffersonian sentiment doesn’t seem to jive with economist Mark Zada, who told NPR in an interview:

“What if the Fed and Treasury did not step in aggressively, and in fact they were right? Then the impact on the economy, and on jobs, on incomes, on profits and therefore on tax revenue would be even more serious.”

Think Twice About Intervening in Georgia

Over the weekend Russia launched an invasion of the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

The conflict has escalated out of a dispute over the South Ossetia region, in northern Georgia, which has sought independence from Georgia. Attacks from Georgia on South Ossetian seperatists led to Russian intervention.

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