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Chris Barron’s Time for Choosing: A Johnson Supporter Goes Romney

Chris Barron

On Friday, Chris Barron, co-founder of GOProud and an occasional contributor here at United Liberty, made some news by switching his support for president from Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s nominee, to Mitt Romney. Writing at The Blaze, Barron explained why he decided to support the Republican ticket:

There is a time for idealism and a time for realism, and for me, the time for realism is now. I endorsed former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson back in December of 2011, when he was still seeking the Republican nomination for President. I continued to support him even after he left the Republican Party and became the Libertarian Party’s nominee for President.  Indeed, I am a DC elector for Gary Johnson.  On Tuesday November 6th, however, I will not be casting my vote for Gary Johnson – instead I will be casting it for Mitt Romney.

I still believe strongly that Gary Johnson would make the best President of the three candidates running, however, it is time to recognize he will not be President. The next President will either be Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, and without hesitation I can say that Mitt Romney will be a vastly better President than Barack Obama.
While Mitt Romney is not perfect, the truth is that America simply cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama. On Obama’s watch, real unemployment is almost 15%, real wages have declined, the size and scope of government has grown, and we are staring at an unprecedented fiscal crisis in the form of a $16 trillion debt.

Anti-Johnson Crowd is Full of Cowards

Gary Johnson

Not a day goes by when I get a message from a conservative telling me that I must vote for Mitt Romney, not just because a vote for Gary Johnson (or anyone other than Romney or Obama) would be a wasted vote, but that we must vote for the one guy who has a shot of defeating Obama to save our country. That we absolutely cannot vote for anyone other than Romney, because if Obama gets another four years this country will no longer exist. There’s a reason for this.

They’re cowards.

Some examples of the comments I’ve received:

We are on the preverbial roof of a house while the flood waters are rising. The rescue boat is here to help us off the roof and to drier ground. Are you going to say, no I would rather stay on the roof until a helicopter comes because I like helicopters better?


Let me be clear, Romney was not my first, second, third, fourth,or even fifth choice! But I would vote for the town drunk before I voted for Obama. As far as the status quo you say, well I think we have to STOP THE BLEEDING, you may not agree with that approach but the last four years of the wrecking ball smashing away at the economy everyday I believe we need to try a different approach. Such as getting more people back to work so there is more people paying taxes.

The thing is that there is virtually no evidence that Romney is either A) piloting the rescue boat coming to get us, or B) going to do anything to stop the bleeding. The man is very acutely interesting in expanding our military budget, while doing little to reform our bloated entitlements or actually cutting spending beyond the Corporation for Public Broadcasting—which is a good move, but not enough to save us from the black hole we’re spiraling into.

Ron Paul hints that he’s voting for Gary Johnson

It’s no surprise that Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), who is retiring from elected office at the beginning of the year, isn’t a fan of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. The two seemed friendly during the race for the GOP nomination as Paul defended Romney when other candidates were attacking his tenure at Bain Capital. There was even speculation that a deal was in the works between the two campaigns.

While his son, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), endorsed Romney, the elder Paul made it clear during the summer that he was unlikely to do the same. The treatment endured by Paul supporters at the Republican National Conventon may have sent Paul over the edge, as he recently hinted that he may vote for Gary Johnson, via Buzz Feed:

In a Fox Business interview Wednesday, Rep. Ron Paul refused to say who he was planning on voting for — but ruled out voting for Mitt Romney or President Obama, leaving only one plausible option.

“I obviously haven’t announced in support for Romney, so that means that’s very unlikely,” Paul said. “And I don’t think anybody think’s I’m going to vote for Obama. So it’s back to that frustration level in not seeing a dramatic choice in how the system works.”

Breitbart Blogger Takes Swing At Gary Johnson, Misses Completely

Gary Johnson

William Bigelow, a blogger at Big Government, one of the many websites that is part of the “Breitbart” media empire that continues to apparently flourish after Andrew Breitbart’s death in March, has taken the trouble of coming up with a list of reasons why Republicans shouldn’t vote for Gary Johnson.

As an opening point, I should probably say that on some level Bigelow is correct. If you are truly a Republican, as in being someone who is committed to the success of the Republican Party regardless of the fact that it remains, at its core, a party devoted to expanding the power of the state, then you obviously shouldn’t vote for Gary Johnson. Governor Johnson, though he was once a member of the Republican Party, stands against everything your party exists to perpetuate whether it’s the continued expansion of unchecked Executive Branch power, subsidies via the tax code and other methods to favored industries, or an interventionist foreign policy the foolishness of which was aptly demonstrated during the Presidency of George W. Bush. If you truly believe all of these things are good things, then go ahead and vote for Mitt Romney because you can be sure that, in the increasingly unlikely possibility that he’s elected in November, he will continue all of those polices. Heck, he’s already promised increase the defense budget by $2,000,000,000,000 over a ten year period!

However, I think in his use of “Republicans,” Bigelow really means conservatives and Tea Party supporters, which makes his arguments against Johnson all the more interesting. Let’s examine each one of them in turn.

Electoral Vote: Obama picks up steam, despite bad job numbers

Barack Obama

Just days after the end of the Democratic National Convention, it looks like President Barack Obama has managed to pick up a few points in national polling, which skews the view of the race because it’s a head-to-head match-up against Mitt Romney. With that said, however, there hasn’t been any real movement in the electoral vote count compared to our last few looks at the race.

Electoral Vote for 9/11/12

Romney’s campaign is urging Republicans not to get too worked up about recent polling, but an internal memo shows that they are in a bit of a panic over the last numbers. President Obama has his own problems to worry about as a new poll out of New Mexico shows Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s nominee, getting some support from Democrats, putting Romney within five points. Johnson, who served two terms as Governor of New Mexico, has also managed to pull support from Obama in Colorado.

Is Voting Third Party Really a Vote For Barack Obama?

Gary Johnson

With the 2012 presidential election expected to be close, a lot of attention is being focused on third party candidates. One candidate who has really received a lot of attention as a “spoiler” is Libertarian Party presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson. Republicans appear to be so worried about Johnson that they have been accused of trying to deny him access to the ballot in some states. The perception is that voters who vote for Gary Johnson would normally instead vote for Mitt Romney and therefore split the anti-Obama vote. However, I’m not sure this is necessarily true. I’m inclined to think that a vote for a candidate is a vote for that candidate, not a vote for or against someone else.

Wayne Root leaves Libertarian Party, backs Romney

Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Party’s Vice Presidential nominee and political commentator, resigned this morning from the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) to, according to his resignation letter, “elect good people and change the direction of this country outside of a third party.”

In the letter to the LNC, which is available at Independent Political Report, Root explains that his decision much is not unlike those of previous Libertarian Party presidential candidates, including Ron Paul and David Koch; both of whom left the LP to become prominent Republicans.

When I asked if he was now backing Mitt Romney, Root responded, “I am,” adding, “I don’t deny that Romney and Ryan aren’t libertarians, but Romney is a pro-business capitalist and Obama is a Marxist-socialist.”

“The economy has been trashed. This is about my kids’ future, it’s about my businesses,” said Root. “There is no hope for America if Obama is re-elected.”

Root, who lives near Las Vegas, noted in his resignation letter that he “plan[s] to join Tea Party U.S. Senators like Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio and Mike Lee in the near future, representing the great state of Nevada.” It’s obviously too late for him to run this year. It would 2016 before Root could make a run, presumably against Sen. Harry Reid; though Root told me that he believes the Democratic leader will retire.

Bob Barr, a former Republican Congressman from Georgia and the 2008 Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee, backed Newt Gingrich during the GOP primary. Barr has indicated that he will support Romney in 2012.

Disclosure: I served as campaign blogger for Barr/Root in 2008.

Ron Paul will not run as a third party candidate

There was a lot of speculation leading up to Rep. Ron Paul’s appearance on The Tonight Show last night. Breitbart quoted a source who said that Rep. Paul was a “Republican no more” after the events that transpired at the RNC and was seriously considering a third party or Independent bid for president, even this late in the game. Others thought that Paul would endorse Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee.

When asked by Jay Leno if he was planning a third party bid, Rep. Paul jokingly said, “No, not much. I have to prepare for 2016.” Paul explained that it would be too difficult to run as a third party, noting that had he done that, he would have never made it onto Leno’s show. Paul also made no mention or endorsement of Gov. Johnson. In fact, Jesse Benton, who served as Paul’s campaign chairman, said in advance of the show that Paul would not endorse Johnson.

In case you missed it, here is the full segment with Paul:

FreedomWorks’ Matt Kibbe discusses Paul Ryan & third party candidates

See Video

Peter Schiff is backing Mitt Romney

Peter Schiff, one of the few people who predicted the Great Recession, was stopped on the street during the Republican National Convention and was asked about who he was supporting in November. Schiff, who was a prominent backer of Ron Paul, qualified his endorsement, but noted that he was backing Mitt Romney because he is the lesser of two evils:

H/T: Daily Paul

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