Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson to launch PAC, release book

Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico and self-described libertarian, continues to lay the groundwork for a run in 2012:

Gary Johnson is preparing to launch his Our America PAC shortly, as soon as he gets all of his legal ducks in a row. He will be hitting the trail hard soon, traveling the country to speak in support of issues and candidates, re-immersing himself in the public policy debate.

This December, Governor Johnson will also be releasing a book entitled “Seven Principles Of Good Government,” published by The Heartland Institute (a conservative-libertarian think tank).

Johnson confirmed the PAC to a New Mexico paper, but played down any run for president, at least at this time.

Is Gary Johnson back?

Gary Johnson, a libertarian and former Governor of New Mexico, is expected to make an announcement on future political plans in the next few weeks:

I have been unable to verify details, but speculation is mounting that the former Governor is preparing to re-enter the public policy debate.

Over the last sixth months, there have been rumors that Governor Johnson  has been considering launching a campaign for the Republican nomination in 2012, although Johnson has not confirmed this.

Johnson has been mentioned as a possible candidate in the GOP primary for president in 2012. While many former governors likely running for president in 2012 talk about cutting spending and taxes and limiting government, Gary Johnson actually did.

Not sure about you, but he’d have my vote.

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