set for April 15th “Soft” Launch

Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis et al have just announced that the first phase of will be launched on April 15th (for those who are unfamiliar with, here is some background). will be soft launched April 15. Soft launch means we will be rolling out the system to select members and groups to test functionality, fix bugs and optimize performance. Once everything is working smoothly we will end crowdfunding and migrate user accounts from the crowdfunding site to the live network. At that point the network will be members-only - meaning Founding Members and Groups will be able to sign in but new members will need an invitation to join.

Rather than watch to see this develop from the sidelines, I decided awhile back to become a founding member at the minimum $25 level. This experiment is one in which I want to report my personal experiences, whether good or bad, at this blog periodically. I do think offers some potential to move our school districts, cities, counties, states, and nation in a more libertarian direction.  

As the press release mentions, the crowd funding phase will be over soon after the initial launch but don’t worry: if you fail to get in before the window closes, I may invite you in (I might ask for a couple of additional Galt Coins though).

Jason Lewis to Launch “” Project

Jason Lewis

Radio talk show host and author of Power Divided is Power Checked, Jason Lewis has been alluding to a new project he has been working on since he decided not to make a second run for political office. At long last, he has released details of this new project at

So what is Galt.IO and what does he mean by “Go Galt without leaving home”? It seems to be Bitcoin meets meets Facebook as a way for liberty minded people to “think globally, act locally.” Perhaps Jason Lewis can explain it better in the video below.

Will Galt.IO work to outmaneuver the progressives and their causes? Who knows, but I must say that I am intrigued. This experiment might be so crazy and so original, it might just work.

For more information about this project, click here.

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