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“The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic.” — H. L. Mencken

OK Senate: FreedomWorks PAC endorses T.W. Shannon

FreedomWorks PAC became the latest conservative group to back T.W. Shannon in the U.S. Senate race to fill the remaining two years of Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) term.

The grassroots organization announced its endorsement yesterday, calling the former state House Speaker the “clear choice for Oklahomans looking to preserve individual freedom and rein in Washington’s out-of-control spending.”

“T.W. Shannon is a principled leader who doesn’t simply talk about small-government reforms, he works to make them a reality,” said Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks PAC, in a statement. “He has blocked ObamaCare implementation in Oklahoma, signed a pledge to fight Common Core, founded the first States’ Rights Committee to protect Oklahomans from overreaching federal regulation, and consistently voted for lower taxes and more individual freedom.”

FreedomWorks PAC cited Shannon’s consistent votes to reduce taxes and debt. The organization, which endorses free market candidates, also noted that the former Oklahoma House Speaker sponsored legislation “to impose work requirements for able-bodied recipients of food stamps.”

“We have enough talkers in Washington,” said Kibbe, it’s time to send more leaders like T.W. Shannon who will get things done.”

Shannon is facing Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) in the June 24 Republican Senate primary. An early February poll conducted by Harper Polling, found Lankford with a 27-point lead over Shannon.

NC Senate: Brannon gains FreedomWorks’ endorsement

FreedomWorks PAC has endorsed Dr. Greg Brannon in the North Carolina Republican Senate primary, confirming an earlier report of a pending announcement.

In a statement released yesterday, FreedomWorks PAC called Brannon the “clear choice for North Carolinians looking to preserve individual freedom and rein in Washington’s out-of-control spending.” The organization also pointed the candidate’s experience as a physician as evidence that he knows the impact of Obamacare on families and doctors.

“Greg Brannon is a solutions-oriented leader with a stellar understanding of the constitutional role of government,” said Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks PAC, according to the statement. “He knows that North Carolinians - not some faceless bureaucrats in Washington - know what’s best for themselves and their families.”

“Greg Brannon will be a critical part of the Republican Senate takeover in 2014, and a welcome member of the Freedom Caucus within the new majority,” he added.

The endorsement could be key in the race. North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis is thought to be the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. The most recent numbers from Public Policy Polling found Brannon trailing Tillis by 8 points among primary voters. Both candidates held small leads over Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC), according to the poll.

Brannon called the FreedomWorks’ endorsement “an honor.”

KY Senate: FreedomWorks backs McConnell primary challenger

FreedomWorks PAC has endorsed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) primary challenger, Matt Bevin, the grassroots organization announced yesterday, adding to the already contentious, polarizing race.

“For far too long Mitch McConnell has sat on the sidelines of pivotal fights, helping the Democrats pass unprecedented surveillance powers, the TARP/Wall Street bailout, numerous tax hikes and debt ceiling increases, and Medicare Part D,” said Matt Kibbe, president of FreedomWorks PAC.

“Most recently,” Kibbe continued, “he orchestrated the McConnell-Reid sellout bargain to increase the debt limit and fully fund a broken health care law, getting a $1.2 billion ‘special project kickback’ in the process. Kentucky deserves better, and looking at the dropping poll numbers for McConnell, there’s no reason to settle.”

“Now more than ever, we need strong fiscal conservatives who will fight to cut spending on the front lines, not the sidelines. Matt Bevin is a great upgrade for Kentuckians who are serious about transparency, fiscal responsibility and accountability in government,” he added.

McConnell’s campaign has denied responsibility for the “special project kickback” — funding for a river lock project on the Ohio-Kentucky border — to which Kibbe referred in his statement. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) reportedly requested the earmark.

AL-06: Dr. Chad Mathis makes Obamacare the focal point of campaign

Chad Mathis: Fight Obamacare

In a crowded Republican field, Chad Mathis is setting himself apart from other candidates running in Alabama’s Sixth Congressional District (AL-06), a seat left open by the retirement of Rep. Spencer Baucus (R-AL).

Like most Republican candidates, Mathis has made repealing Obamacare a main focus of his campaign. But what sets him apart from pack is that he is a surgeon and small business owner who believes that Obamacare “will smother the last flame of economic freedom from America.”

In a new web ad from his campaign, Mathis announced the endorsements of 53 doctors and called Obamacare the “issue of our generation.”

“Barack Obama lied to us. He told us that we could keep our doctors, keep our healthcare plan, they wouldn’t pay for abortions, and our premiums would go down,” says Mathis in the web ad. “Obamacare is a wedge between the physician and the patient, and it will destroy the physician-patient relationship.”

Mathis announced endorses for his campaign the Alabama Orthopedic Society, he Alabama State Society of Anesthesiologists, and other physicians from around the state. He also touted endorsements from Reps. Andy Harris (R-MD) and Phil Roe (R-TN), both of whom are doctors.

“The law is about giving power to the secretary of Health and Human Services and to expand the government. It is not about access to healthcare,” said Mathis. “Obamacare is the issue of our generation.”

“For our children and our grandchildren, I will continue my fight to repeal and replace Obamacare,” he added.

Tea Party group chooses sides in defining House primary race

Igor Birman

The Republican primary in California’s 7th Congressional District will be one of the races worth watching next year as a retread, big spending ex-Congressman and a fresh-faced fiscal conservative square off for the right to challenge Rep. Ami Bera (D-CA).

FreedomWorks, which bills itself as a grassroots service center with more than 6 million members, is the first conservative group to get involved in the race. The organization’s PAC endorsed Igor Birman last week, becoming the first candidate they’ve endorsed in the 2014 election cycle.

“The choice is clear, Igor Birman is the only conservative in the race, and he will be a clear voice for common sense fiscal policies and a return to limited government in Congress,” said FreedomWorks PAC in a release announcing the endorsement.

Birman is running for the Republican nomination in CA-07 against three other candidates, including former Rep. Doug Ose (R-CA), a big spending Republican retread.

“We have a long campaign ahead of us,” said Birman, who served as a senior staffer to Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA), in the release. “But with the backing of voters who want to see a return to limited government here in California and groups like FreedomWorks PAC who are fighting for limited government in Washington, I am confident we will have the support and resources we need to win the 7th Congressional district next year.”

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Mark Sanford Picks Up Endorsements from Rand Paul, FreedomWorks PAC

With less than a week to go until voters in South Carolina’s First Congressional District head to the polls, Mark Sanford is getting some much needed last-minute help. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who has gained notoriety and popularity among Republicans, and FreedomWorks PAC, a grassroots organization known for backing fiscally conservative candidates in primary races, both endorsed Sanford on Tuesday.

“More than anything, Washington needs strong and consistent voices for fiscal responsibility and liberty,” said Paul in the press release sent out by Sanford’s campaign. “Mark has proven during his time in office that watching out for taxpayers and holding the line on spending are his top priorities.

“What we absolutely cannot afford is someone like his opponent, who will be yet another vote for a return to the Pelosi speakership, for disastrous programs like Obamacare, and for more spending and debt,” he added. “I am pleased to endorse Mark and stand with him in this race.”

Paul is following in the footsteps of his father, former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), who endorsed Sanford on Thursday.

FreedomWorks PAC noted only endorsed Sanford, but is also planning a voter outreach effort in the district this weekend.

FreePAC Ohio was a hit

FreePAC Ohio

After hearing rave reviews from friends who attended FreePAC in July, I expressed optimism that there would be a place for libertarians after we had been all but pushed aside by conservatives. They frequently say they need us and we should go along, but having a prominent role or voice seems is a prospect in which they don’t seem to have much of an interest.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend FreePAC Ohio, the latest of these FreedomWorks’ sponsored events. The day started with strategy and training sessions for activists, this was, as David Spielman put it, a chance for the some 7,000 attendees — a completely packed house — to become “freedom ninjas.”

Speakers touched on every aspect of activism and campaigning, from where to place signs to how to engage independent voters, an important bloc that will decide the outcome of the election in November. Jackie Bodnar and Kristina Ribali, both staffers at FreedomWorks, explained old and new media angles.

Nearly every speaker acknowledged that Republicans are just as much to blame as Democrats for the budget and entitlement crisis that face the United States. One comment was heard a few times throughout the day, both from speakers and on a couple of t-shirts I saw: “Sometimes you have to beat the Republicans before you can beat the Democrats.”

FreedomWorks releases first House endorsements for 2012

The upcoming primaries are going to be just as important as the general election. Voters in many congressional districts will have to choose between “business as usual” or for candidates that will shake up the status quo. FreedomWorks PAC has been on the frontlines of this battle. And yesterday, they released the first round of endorsements for House candidates in the upcoming election:

After a year of intensive research, countless candidate interviews, and input from thousands of FreedomWorks activists, including many in these districts, FreedomWorks PAC is pleased to endorse its first slate of candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Each of these candidates is a clear choice for those who want to rein in the government’s reckless spending and out-of-control growth.

  • Florida 22nd: Adam Hasner
  • Georgia 9th: Martha Zoller
  • Illinois 8th: Rep. Joe Walsh
  • Indiana 2nd: Jackie Walorski
  • Indiana 5th: David McIntosh
  • Iowa 4th: Rep. Steve King
  • Kentucky 6th: Andy Barr
  • Louisiana 3rd: Rep. Jeff Landry
  • Missouri 2nd: Ann Wagner
  • Pennsylvania 12th: Keith Rothfus

FreedomWorks PAC Executive Director Max Pappas commented, “Through extensive personal interviews, detailed research of their records, and feedback from activists in their districts, we are confident these candidates will expand the freedom caucus in the House and lead the fight for economic freedom and constitutionally limited government.”

Existing House endorsements for FreedomWorks PAC include Evan Feinberg (Pennsylvania 18th) and Rep. Don Manzullo (Illinois 16th).

FreedomWorks PAC to target Orrin Hatch

While some conservatives are lining up behind Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), FreedomWorks has made it clear that his days of selling out taxpayers are numbered:

It’s official: Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch is the first Republican incumbent who will be targeted by one of the nation’s most influential Tea Party-aligned organizations.

FreedomWorks PAC plans to launch a “Retire Orrin Hatch” campaign at the Utah Republican Convention this Saturday, the group’s first major move of the 2012 congressional cycle, The Daily Caller has learned.

The group says targeting Hatch is symbolic. It signals the beginning of the next wave of Tea Party activists working to replace Republican incumbents they see as too moderate and out of sync with a movement stressing fiscal conservatism.

“The bottom line is Hatch doesn’t represent the state of Utah,” said Russ Walker, the vice president of political and grassroots campaigns for FreedomWorks PAC. “The state of Utah is far more fiscally conservative than Orrin Hatch is. It’s an opportunity to pick up a seat, it’s an opportunity to find somebody who is better.”

Among grievances FreedomWorks has with Hatch is they say is a legislative history of voting to increase the debt ceiling 16 times, voting in support of Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) legislation and voting against a ban on earmarks.

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