Fred Bauer

RomneyCare still isn’t working

A couple of days ago, Ezra Klein defended the Masschusetts healthcare law — using information provided by Fred Bauer — that then Gov. Mitt Romney helped bring to fruition, saying that, in his opinion, it is working because growth in health insurance premiums have slowed. Klein believes this will carry over on the national level because, after all, RomneyCare is essentially ObamaCare.

However, Peter Suderman takes issue with Bauer’s portrayal (and by extention, Klein’s portrayal) of RomneyCare, noting that the plans apologists are seeing only what they want to see:

Klein argues that this means that “RomneyCare is working. Across the board.” But at minimum, I think it’s too early to tell. Bauer notes—and Klein quotes—that between 2006 and 2010, “employer-sponsored health-care premiums for a family rose about 19% in Massachusetts, while they rose about 22% in the US as a whole.”

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