Fiat Money

Ron Paul in 1988 Warning About the Present Financial Crisis- Part 2

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Don’t Blame the Lenders, Blame the Federal Reserve Board

As originally published in the Los Angeles Business Journal-

Big Los Angeles companies such as Countrywide Financial Corp., Fremont General Corp. and IndyMac Bancorp - which are among the country’s biggest mortgage players - have fallen on tough times.  While man harsh words have been bandied about blaming them for much of the financial panic that we’ve seen in recent weeks, few critics look below the surface to find the true culprit; the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

Ron Paul Discusses Death Penalty for Counterfeiting

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Ron Paul, while not directly advocating for the death penalty for Federal Reserve bankers, does use that legislative stance from the 1792 Coinage Act to show how far away from our founding ideals we have strayed.

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