Amazing Admission from New York Times Columnist on How Feminist Economic Policies Hurt Women

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Equal Pay Day: Economic Illiteracy and Hillary Hypocrisy

I realize it’s tax week and I should be condemning our convoluted tax code and oppressive IRS.

But I can’t resist getting diverted to another topic. It’s time to debunk the notion that there is rampant sexism in the private economy that causes women to by systematically underpaid.

I addressed the issue back in 2010, citing the solid work of Christina Hoff Summers. And I cited more of her work, as well as some analysis by Steve Chapman, when writing about the topic in 2012. The bottom line is that rigorous analysis finds that the so-called gender gap largely disappears once you consider factors such as occupational choice, hours worked, and education.

I’ll add my two cents to the discussion. For decades, I’ve been dealing with leftists who repeatedly tell me that business owners are consumed by greed and put profit above everything. Yet if women truly were making less money than men for doing equal work, then why aren’t these greed-filled business owners firing all their male employees and hiring women who will work for 80 percent of what it costs to employ men? Or 85 percent? Or 90 percent?

Sandra Fluke’s War On Reality

Sandra Fluke

Media darling and left-wing feminist activist Sandra Fluke is yet again in the news. She gave an interview to some CNN program called “Starting Point” that nobody watches, just like the rest of the programming on CNN but I digress. Ms. Fluke had some choice words for Republicans.

“I talk to women across the country, they really do feel like this is a shift,” said Sandra Fluke.

Sandra Fluke, who rose to national prominence when she was attacked by Rush Limbaugh following her testimony in favor of increased contraception access, said Wednesday that many women personally feel “they’re under attack” from GOP policies.

“When you look at the facts, quantitatively, there have been a record number of bills in the House to limit reproductive health. … Women feel that. I talk to women across the country, they really do feel like this is a shift, and not in their favor,” Fluke said on CNN’s “Starting Point.”

So once again in the mind of Sandra Fluke and other left-wing feminists, women are nothing more than vaginas and uteruses. The only issues that women care about are abortion and birth control in their minds. Something tells me that not necessarily true. Women, just like men, I’m sure care more about whether or not they will have a job in the failed Obama economy for starters. This whole “war on women” is a distraction from the real issues invented by the Democrat Party and their allies in the media and the feminist movement.

Sugar Daddy Government

Women have come a long way in this country. Gone are the bad old days of when a woman’s place was solely in the home. Violence against women is rightfully condemned. Women participate in all aspects of American life from the workplace to the political arena. While we should remain vigilant to ensure we don’t take any steps back in protecting equal opportunity to women, you would think the feminist movement would declare victory. Unfortunately, that has not been the case.

I love women. I was raised by a single mother. I love strong, independent women; the type of woman you would think the feminist movement would embrace. However, the modern feminist movement; with few exceptions, are not about celebrating and promoting strong, independent women. The feminist movement has instead morphed into the womyn’s liberation left which has decided to destroy the sexist patriarchy and replace it with Sugar Daddy Government that will provide women with everything from free birth control, to subsidized child care, to student and small business loans, and taxpayer subsidized abortions.

The activists of the womyn’s liberation left of course are not entirely to blame. They have many willing accomplices in our political class like Barack Obama who even drew a little cartoon to pander to them. Like other groups who derive a part of their living from the plunder of taxpayers, the womyn’s liberation left and their fellow travelers are more passionate than most voters about keeping the benefits they have and, if possible, expanding their benefits than the average American who is just trying to make a living for their family. Instead of the males in the family providing for women or women providing for themselves, the womyn’s lib left now want women to rely on a sugar daddy, Big Government.

Time Magazine moves to ban the word “feminist” …


Feminist. Like many words, it has become so highly politicized that barely anyone hears the word feminist and thinks of how far we’ve come in our fight for equality.

What began as a laudable movement, fighting against gross injustices done to women in both the domestic and economic spheres, has changed over time because now, women can be CEOs and politicians if we want to (although we mostly don’t want to).

Americans could be sad for women because they don’t want to be CEO, but why be sad when we could be happy for women because they are getting more of what they want? Wanting to be CEO is not an inherent good. Many women consciously make the choice to have less stress and pressure at work in exchange for a more fulfilling personal life, and that’s what equality is really about. Equality for women doesn’t mean that men and women should want the same things or be the same people, it means that no one should be be held back just because of their gender. Women should have the choice.

Perhaps it is a small group of attention-seeking people, acting under the guise of feminism, who want to manipulate and control the rest of us. This small group does not want equal opportunities for men and women as the rest of us do. The seek only to create discord and conflict among the sexes.

Feminists have really beclowned themselves with their latest…

FCKH8 Feminist Video

Some days you just have to wonder how much longer our culture can survive. We were once a nation that valued knowledge, enlightenment, hard work, honesty, and charity, among other noble character traits. Now, it seems we have become a nation of narcissistic, selfie-taking, self-indulgent, dim-witted brats who throw tantrums until we get our way.

Last week I turned on the radio, only to have my ears assaulted with a local radio station’s discussion of an ad released a few days ago by an organization called FCKH8, the title of which is “Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism.” The ad features young girls, who appear to be between six and eight years old, who repeatedly vomit the “F-bomb” as a way to shock the audience and get attention for their message, which is, essentially, that women are victims (if you want to see it you’ll have to Google it…I won’t dignify it by linking to it).

The ad starts off with several very young girls, dressed up in princess outfits, saying “Pretty…pretty…pretty…” when suddenly one screeches “What the F***?! I’m not some pretty F-ing helpless princess in distress…I’m pretty F-ing powerful!”

Seriously? This is how you make a point? By getting little girls to parrot the raging victimization rant of grown women ticked off at life? By making these little girls sound like common trailer trash rather than teaching them to embrace the strength of their femininity? Far from making me more likely to consider their opinions, it disgusted me to see the depth radical leftists (whether vulgar feminists demanding equality, or radical environmentalists calling for global warming “deniers” to be imprisoned) will sink to bully their way to public policy victories.

In Praise of Kindergarten Style Payback

Virginia State Senator Jill Vogel (R-Fauquier County) introduces a bill to require women to undergo an ultrasound before having an abortion. In protest, State Sen. Janet Howell (D-Fairfax) introduces an amendment requiring a cardiac stress test and rectal exam before men can be prescribed erectile dysfunction medication. Vogel’s bill passes by voice vote while Howell’s amendment narrowly fails. Glenn Reynolds, A.K.A. Instapundit, declares himself “okay with abortion” but reserves all of his outrage for the failed amendment, insisting that what we’re seeing here is “a false equivalence” and “kindergarten style payback.” Something is very wrong with this picture.

In a way, Reynolds is right. We are seeing a false equivalence. While there is absolutely no medical reason to require women to have ultrasounds before undergoing abortion procedures, there are good medical reasons to require men to undergo rectal exams and cardiac stress tests before being prescribed erectile dysfunction drugs. Included among the side effects of Viagra, for example, are rectal bleeding, colitis, chest pain, and irregular heartbeat. I don’t know if Howell had any of these side effects in mind when she proposed her amendment or if she was instead purely interested in kindergarten style payback, but either way her amendment actually makes more sense from a medical perspective than does Vogel’s.

There’s feminism and then there’s real feminism

I’m a guy. However, I was raised by a woman who taught me that women can be beautiful and sexy while still being capable and strong. I was raised to believe that women can accomplish anything and that a person’s plumbing should be irrelevant except for my own personal matters of sexual attraction. I believe that to this day. However, I find it hard to believe that the so-called feminist movement can’t seem to back up their own talk.

In California, The National Organization of Women has endorsed gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown just days after he called opponent Meg Whitman a “whore”. This is an organization that’s supposed to oppose demeaning women, and yet a female candidate is called such a thing and they endorse the very man who said this? What. The. Hell? [Edit: Brown only said he would use the comment when someone else said it initially.  Not a lot better, is it?  Of course I should have done better on the research.  No argument on that.]

Lori Ziganto, who runs the blog Snark & Boobs, writes:

Out of the Mainstream Feminist Calls For Single Mother Families

This article, in which female supremacist (and that’s really what this sort of crap is) Pamela Paul argues that men aren’t unnecessary in a functioning family, is a sick example of what happens when someone writes about something they don’t know anything about with absolutely no real life evidence. I am a man who was raised with a single mom and I know damn well the difficulties that come from a man having no male role models. Pamela Paul literally has no idea what she is talking about.

Liberal feminist moms—eager for the participation of our emotionally evolved, enthusiastically diaper-bag-toting mates in the grueling round of dual-career child rearing—are keen to back the data. Dads, we tell our husbands, are essential influences on children, the source of unique benefits.

Decades Later, the Feminist War on Common Sense Continues

In a class today, several female students brought up a Powerpoint presentation on feminism. There were really good points presented about wage gaps for women, oppression in Muslim countries and negative images of women in culture.

However, it was disappointing to hear one of the presenters talk about how gender roles are socially contrived. In an era after Republicans for decades clobbered Democrats in part by exploiting the bizarre approach to social issues that the Left often presents, only losing recently due to their own mistakes and the emergence of the uber-charismatic Barack Obama, nonsense like this is still being touted.

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