The Government: America’s Biggest Employer

A recent Rasmussen poll revealed substantial support for small government amongst Americans:

Sixty-six percent (66%) of U.S. voters prefer a smaller government with fewer services and lower taxes over a more active government with more services and higher taxes.

Even if they prefer a small government, Americans are faced with a country in which the federal government is the largest employer and the pay afforded its employees dwarfs that of a private worker:

While many workers in the private sector have despaired of a pay increase in the past few years, Congress takes care of federal employees with annual raises, awarding 3.9 percent in 2009, 3.5 percent in 2008 and 2.7 percent in 2007.

The average pay for the nation’s 1.9 million federal workers is a little over $71,000, with the 372,041 federal workers in the Washington area earning an average of $94,047. The average salary for the nation’s 108 million private-sector workers is $50,028.

Government employees are often unionized and have infrastructure built to keep them from being fired even if they fail to perform their job functions. They tend to vote Democratic and their unions are among the biggest contributors to the Democratic Party. Is it any wonder then that the average American continues to face a vacant job market while a Democratic Congress provides increasing raises for federal employees?


Student asks Obama to Legalize Prostitution, Drugs and Non-Violent Crime to Stimulate Economy

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If prostitution were legalized, there would certainly be alot more being stimulated than just the economy.

The poor kid was obviously nervous, because he threw in “non-violent crime” in the things he wanted to be legalized. That would include embezzlement, theft and forgery. Let’s not be hasty to write off what he said, however. There are very strong arguments for at least partially legalizing prostitution and marijuana use.

Found A Job Yet?

Remember all those jobs promised in 2008? A focal point of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign was the promise of job creation through environmental stewardship, illustrating an Obamatopia in which jobs were abundant and plentiful and the environment was unaffected by economic activity.

In a Los Angeles Times editorial published during the period of Obama’s inauguration, Marla Dickerson illustrated how Obama’s “green jobs” agenda could bring back prosperity to states like Michigan:

Whether clean energy can pull Michigan out of the ditch remains to be seen. But the push is on to retool America with so-called green-collar industries.

President-elect Barack Obama wants to spend $150 billion over the next decade to promote energy from the sun, wind and other renewable sources as well as energy conservation. Plans include raising vehicle fuel-economy standards and subsidizing consumer purchases of plug-in hybrids. Obama wants to weatherize 1 million homes annually and upgrade the nation’s creaky electrical grid. His team has talked of providing tax credits and loan guarantees to clean-energy companies.

His goals: create 5 million new jobs repowering America over 10 years; assert U.S. leadership on global climate change; and wean the U.S. from its dependence on imported petroleum.

To be fair, the goal was to create 5 million jobs over 10 years, but the situation now in states like Michigan is noteworthingly critical:

Michigan remained the state with the highest rate of unemployment at 15.1%, though that rate was down 0.2 percentage points from September. October was the 11th straight month in which Michigan posted an unemployment rate above 10%.

Unemployment is not only bad in Michigan:

Kucinich: Truth or Concequences

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In this video Congressman Dennis Kucinich speaks on his grilling of the former Bank of America CEO. It’s interesting how often Fox has Kucinich on.

Obama: Making the Bad Seem Good Again

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It takes a cartoon version of Joe Biden to say what we all know to be true: when Bush said it, people rolled their eyes, but when Obama says it, they faint, chant and scream.

Ron Paul Back In ‘88 Talking About The Crisis

According to the Alex Jones show website, “the mainstream media has already accepted the fact that Ron Paul has been right about the economic crisis, but they never talk about how long he’s been saying this…” Watch the 5 videos (Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) with Ron Paul’s 1988 warnings.


Jonah Goldberg: We’re Sacrificing Economic Liberty for Economic Security

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Reason magazine editor Michael C. Moynihan and National Review editor Jonah Goldberg talk about governmental expansion of the American economy on Glenn Beck’s show.

Obama World

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A humorous satire by Bill Maher on fears of an Obama presidency.

Bad policy produces bad results whether the President is a Republican or a Democrat

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Obama’s State of the Union Address: A Response

Tonight as I write this, given that I don’t possess a television and find live-streaming an often frustrating experience on my lap-top computer, I chose to read a prepared text of President Obama’s first State of the Union address rather than listen to it live. Reading such a text can reveal more in some ways, as one isn’t influenced by the mellifluous tones of a well-polished politician’s voice.

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