Ted Cruz: Defund ObamaCare push is “getting real momentum”

Ted Cruz on

Though the push to defund ObamaCare is facing an uphill battle in Congress, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said on Tuesday that the grassroots effort is “getting real momentum” ahead of next month’s spending battle.

“Let me tell you, Sean. We are getting real momentum. You know, there is a national website, It has got as of a few minutes ago, 578,000 signatures on it,” Cruz said of the website sponsored by the Senate Conservatives Fund.

“Every time in the past few weeks, I’ve got on Fox News, we have seen another 10 or 20,000 signatures,” the Texas Senator told Sean Hannity. “You know, I feel confident with the Hannity viewers and the loyal passion they have for freedom, that by the end of this show that we can break 600,000.”

Hannity said that the issue is a “deal killer” for him, noting that repeal and delay votes on ObamaCare have largely been symbolic and that the push to defund the law is the “real deal.” He also opined that Republicans who don’t support the effort are no different than Democrats who pushed the law through Congress.

Cruz urged viewers to visit and add their names to the growing number of Americans — over 665,000 at the time of publication of this post — who don’t want to fund ObamaCare. He also fired a shot at vulnerable Democratic Senators in Arkansas and Louisiana.

“How do we win? First, we get 41 Republicans in the Senate to stand together in 218 Republicans in the House. That’s number one. And the only way to do that is to get millions of Americans to go to and hold our elected officials accountable,” Cruz noted.

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