Barr’s Strategy to Win Texas?

Over at TalkLeft, there is dismissal of Barr’s lawsuit aimed at getting the major party candidates removed from the ballot:

Barr thinks the two major party candidates missed state-imposed deadlines to be certified as their party’s candidate and should therefore be removed from the Texas ballot. Neither candidate was nominated in time to be certified as the party’s nominee. The likelihood that a court will allow Barr to tamper with a federal election because candidates failed to satisfy an impossible requirement of state law is not high.

When the deadline passed in Texas, both parties knew who their candidates were going to be. In fact, by August 26, 2008, the Democratic convention had already happened and left-behind stickers had been cleaned off the streets of Denver.

Sarah Palin— the Teflon Candidate?

Already, liberal critics are calling Gov. Sarah Palin the Teflon Candidate in her quest as running mate with Senator McCain, claiming that no criticism of Palin seems to stick. No question, the Palin candidacy has energized the GOP ticket. A few weeks ago, daily polls reported at Real Clear Politics and at reported a clear advantage for Senator Obama. However, the very latest polls actually give the McCain-Palin ticket the lead, albeit a small one. The news media has continued to bash Gov. Palin, seeking to unearth some issues from her administration in Alaska, and even raising issues concerning her daughter’s pregnancy. In spite of these criticisms, Gov. Palin remains immensely popular. Please consider several reasons for her popularity:

Palin May Lift More than McCain in November

Since the selection of Palin and the subsequent slashing of the enthusiasm void among Republicans, the dynamics for November are sure to change in more than just the Presidential election. With the entire political establishment in an uproar, the grassroots in a much improved state of glee, and liberals running scared because of her success, Sarah Palin is changing the entire state of the ‘system’ right before our eyes. This mix of enthusiasm and curiosity may wear off before November 4th, but as for now she is the hottest thing on the wish list for Republican Congressmen, especially those engaged in fierce struggles to maintain their incumbency. The, one of the more influential DC politico papers, is reporting on her demand - and how there is not enough Sarah to go around.

Lone Star State, Lone Presidential Candidate?

Yesterday, Ballot Access News reported that BOTH the Republicans and Democrats had missed the filing deadline for their candidates, John McCain (presumptive) and Barack Obama (official), in the state of Texas. Late in the afternoon, after many third party watch groups and blogs reported the story and the Bob Barr campaign sent out a press release to all of his supporters, Fort Worth’s Star-Telegram political blog, PoliTex, reported that “[b]oth parties filed before the deadline. We expect their amended filings after both parties finish their nominating process at the conventions,” according to the Texas Secretary of State’s spokesperson, Ashley Burton. The website for the Secretary of State’s General Election candidates also displays a blank where one would anticipate seeing John McCain and Barack Obama, along with their respective running mates.


Worshiping Obama

While most of us do not buy into the rumors being spread through the underworld netroots and talk radio about Obama being The Antichrist - Obama and his campaign sure do throw a lot of fuel on the fire. Not long ago, American Presidential Candidates gave their acceptance speeches at wooden podiums similar to what you would find at any university auditorium. This year Obama is running as if he is not only already President of the United States, but also Prime Minister of the World. This personality cult is fascinating, annoying and disturbing all at the same time. The Obama Campaign has been managed as well as any campaign since Reagan of 84 - yet one has to ask the question, is it too much? Do temples of exuberance and worship help win votes in Pennsylvania or Ohio?

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