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Utopians of the Left and the Right

In a recent column in this month’s issue of National Review (which I still read, due to a complimentary subscribtion, despite my anger with the tossing aside of Christopher Buckley for his audacious Obama endorsement) the eloquent Mark Steyn argues for citizens who give little more than “stilted cheers” for their political leadership. He illustrates the Soviet-style cult following that Barack Obama has benefited greatly from as being counter to the ideals America was founded on.

GOP Denial Won’t Solve Image Problem

“You’re not one of us, you’re one of THEM, the liberal lovers, the flag burners, country haters, the ones who want to kill god and put Stalin in his place and see this nation destroyed by a sea of brown people and gays. Do you secretly date black men, Parker? You make me sick you sickening sick witch!!!”

That’s what a very - uh - passionate conservative e-mailed to Kathleen Parker after writing a column declaring Sarah Palin to be “out of her league.” Parker has been warning about exactly the same hateful tendencies that I have. Needless to say, I’m apparently now in her traitorous boat. Oh well, I’d rather be in bed with Joe Scarborough, Parker and Chris Buckley than Sarah Palin, Haley Barbour or Michelle Bachman.

In his excellent book Wingnuts, “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” John Avlon wrote of a “joke” posted by Richland County GOP chairman Rusty DePass in which he posted a story about a gorilla gone missing from a local zoo, referring to First Lady Michelle Obama, “I’m sure it’s just one of Michelle’s ancestors - probably harmless.”

There are many, many more examples. This sort of stuff doesn’t get said in America’s big cities, and the GOP is not helping its case with minorities by having this sort of stuff in its midst while maintaining an overwhelmingly white base, and then subsequently disregarding all those who bring it up as “treasonous” or “liberals.”

Christopher Buckley: The Left’s New Favorite Ex-Conservative

For all the fondness I tended to have for Christopher Buckley, it’s beginning to evaporate.

Take this excerpt of a review by Thomas Mallon in the New York Times book about Buckley’s parents:

William F. Buckley’s physical decline seems to have been, in its way, as prodigious as all the activity and achievements preceding it. Emphysema was his principal difficulty, and Christopher Buckley, author of the satiric novel “Thank You for Smoking” (1994), does not skimp on the ravages of all his father’s ailments. We witness his “sort of mad-professor look,” his pill-popping, his habit of uninhibited urination upon opening the car door. During one hospitalization “the most articulate man in America was speaking gibberish”; when back home he mistook the DVD player for a thermostat.

Christopher Buckley: A Conservative for Obama

The son of William F. Buckley supports Obama.

During an interview on the San Francisco NPR station KQED’s program “Forum,” author Christopher Buckley, the son of National Review founder William F. Buckley, said he is likely to vote for Obama. Pointing out that Obama is “left wing,” while he is a conservative, he stated that with the current economic turmoil President Bush is looking like “Herbert Hoover 2” and that McCain would be a continuation of Bush Administration policies.

Review: Christopher Buckley’s “Boomsday”

For the first book review here at United Liberty, I picked Christopher Buckley’s new book Boomsday.

The protagonist of Boomsday, Cassandra Devine, in many ways bares similarities to our own fiscal hawk, Shana Kluck. A young, female political activist and blogger, Cass (as she is called for most of the book), takes the dry issue of Social Security reform and spices it up with a controversial proposal: tax breaks for families of retirees who commit suicide.

New York Times - Put a Real Conservative on Your Op-Ed page

Neo-conservative and Iraq war architect William Kristol has had a regular spot as a columnist in the New York Times op-ed page for a few months now. Announced in late 2007, it got alot of people on the Left angry. His latest column, “Will Russia Get Away With It?” suggests that he would like the US to put its resources into putting Russia in its place.

Each time I see Kristol’s name in the Times, I have to wonder why he’s there. If the New York Times noticed that it was becoming the journal of choice for members, then they could picked from numerous conservatives with ideas that are based on destruction. Here’s a short list:

Patrick J. Buchanan - MSNBC has made him a regular commentator, so Buchanan knows how to work in left-wing environments. Buchanan already writes regular columns, so it wouldn’t be hard. They could just republish those.

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