Dan Carlin on Obama’s Cabinet, India and Prop. 8

dancarlinDan Carlin, the host of the poular podcasts Common Sense and Hardcore History, gave me his thoughts on various subjects, varying from the attacks in India to Obama’s cabinet appointments.

What do you make of rumors that President-elect Obama will be keeping Robert Gates as Defense Secretary?

Well, as far as I can tell I am the only person in the world who doesn’t like the pick (and it sure looks like, at least for the early part of the Administration that Gates IS the likely pick).

McClintock Claims Victory Over Brown

Looks like Tom McClintock is headed to Capitol Hill.

From the San Jose Examiner:

McClintock is 1,576 votes ahead of Brown out of 367,510 votes counted, according to the secretary of state’s office. Those figures will be updated and finalized as counties certify their votes by Tuesday’s deadline, but McClintock’s lead appears insurmountable.

McClintock held a news conference at his campaign headquarters in a Sacramento
suburb on Monday to claim victory in the 4th Congressional District contest.

McClintock Lead Grows

According to the most recent public statement of the McClintock for Congress campaign Tom has now extended his lead by over 800 votes, up from 400 on election day, as additional ballots are counted. For those of you who are not familiar with Tom McClintock, he is the Republican candidate for California’s 4th district. He is a true fiscal conservative, something we need a bit more of in Washington.

Taking A Look at McClintock’s Positions

As a temporary California resident (I’m here for school), I thought it would be interesting to look at libertarian leaning Republican congressional candidate Tom McClintock’s positions on the upcoming ballot propositions. Currently a state senator, he is running for office in California’s 4th District, which is the northeastern region of the state.

Following are his positions, with a follow-up by myself:

Smoking Bans Motivated By Narcissism

I wrote an article recently which focused on the anti-American nature of recently passed smoking bans in the California area. It was published in a Bay Area college newspaper.

The piece was responded to by an emotional and angry college professor, not a rare creature by any means, who complained about how tired he was of smokers “complaining” about not being able to smoke in public. It ended with ad hominem attacks accusing me of stupidity and ignorance and recommending that I take a high school level American Government course.

I’m used to that sort of vitriol, and since I pull no punches I don’t expect people to do it for me. The aspect that stood out was not the professor’s immaturity, but instead the fact that he had assumed that I was a smoker. In the article, I never mentioned the personal inconveniences of not being able to smoke in my favorite bar. This is because I never experienced them. I don’t smoke.

This professor assumed, unconsciously most likely, that my politics had the same narcissistic motivations that his has. I think smoking is disgusting. I’ve had many experiences where I’ve been on a date or an outing with a friend and felt my admiration for them dissipate once they pulled out a cigarette.

McClintock Nails the Bailout

Tom McClintock, running for congress in the 4th district of California, explains the bailout situation effectively during a debate. It’s good to know that we have a strong fiscal conservative hopefully joining the 111th congress. Learn more about Tom McClintock on his website

Housing Bailout Cheats the Smart Poor

My fiance and I save our money diligently, and because we live in California, we have opted to not buy a house until we are very ready. “Ready” meaning we have close to 1/3rd of the cash on hand to help us get a low monthly payment that will last throughout the mortgage.

There are millions of people who make the choice to rent throughout America, a safe choice where they can minimize their financial risk and leverage a certain portion of constant savings to make an eventual investment they can be proud of, and secure in.

These hard working, financially responsible American’s are now being told they went about it the wrong way. The Nanny State is here to bail you out.

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