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McCain Decides That the Debate is Still On

According to CNN, John McCain has decided to go through with the debate after all:

John McCain, who earlier announced he was pulling out of tonight’s presidential debate to help forge legislation to bail out U.S. financial institutions, believes enough progress has been made for

him to debate Barack Obama, his campaign said today. But it added McCain plans to return to Washington after the debate. Obama issued a statement saying he plans to go back to D.C. as well.

Later on in the article, CNN notes:

Some fellow lawmakers said McCain hasn’t contributed much to the financial debate, and senior campaign advisers told CNN they believed it was politically crucial that McCain show up at the debate in Oxford, Mississippi.

President Obama Gold Coins

No need to vote in November- the die has already been cast and you can soon buy the commemorative gold coin to prove it.  A UK company has started producing gold, silver and platinum coins featuring the profile of Senator Obama and the words, “President of the United States”.  The Democrat Party must feel pretty sure about the election’s outcome as they’ve already ordered several to hand out to the party faithful in a few weeks.  The coins wil also be produced for public consumption should there prove to be substantial demand.

Ed Morrisey had this to say-

Friday’s Foreign Policy Debate

This Friday evening, on the campus of the University of Mississippi, the two major contenders for the US Presidency will square off in a debate on foreign policy. While one might expect differences over the Iraqi War, I declare that few substantive differences separate the two candidates on foreign policy.

Nationalizing Health Care

Nationalizing any sector of society is a bad idea, but nothing makes me cringe like the idea of government-run health care.  I’m old enough to remember when Bill Clinton was in office and the nation expelled a breath of relief when Hillary’s attempts at universal health care were abandoned as impractical and unwanted.  Well, a decade and a bit later, not much has changed.  Hillary is still pushing for government mandated healthcare, and it’s still impractical and unwanted.

A recent poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that 17% of Americans would prefer to buy their own insurance and another 39% want to continue buying it from their employer.  Hardly a resounding mandate for the government to take over the industry.  But that’s not stopping our elected officials from making it a reality.

Is Obama Anti-war?

Somehow the Democratic Party is conceived by many as the anti-war party.

Despite a history of foreign interventions occurring during all of the last four Democratic administrations (in which even the Nobel Peace Prize winning President Jimmy Carter armed the Mujahideen in Afghanistan), the overt hawkishness of the Bush Administration has resulted in a perception of the Democrats as doves. This is aided by remarks such as those by Speaker Nancy Pelosi referring to Iraqis as “all God’s children” and the fact that both the current Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, and the chair of the DNC, Howard Dean, opposed the Iraq war from the beginning.

Christopher Buckley: A Conservative for Obama

The son of William F. Buckley supports Obama.

During an interview on the San Francisco NPR station KQED’s program “Forum,” author Christopher Buckley, the son of National Review founder William F. Buckley, said he is likely to vote for Obama. Pointing out that Obama is “left wing,” while he is a conservative, he stated that with the current economic turmoil President Bush is looking like “Herbert Hoover 2” and that McCain would be a continuation of Bush Administration policies.

Barr’s Strategy to Win Texas?

Over at TalkLeft, there is dismissal of Barr’s lawsuit aimed at getting the major party candidates removed from the ballot:

Barr thinks the two major party candidates missed state-imposed deadlines to be certified as their party’s candidate and should therefore be removed from the Texas ballot. Neither candidate was nominated in time to be certified as the party’s nominee. The likelihood that a court will allow Barr to tamper with a federal election because candidates failed to satisfy an impossible requirement of state law is not high.

When the deadline passed in Texas, both parties knew who their candidates were going to be. In fact, by August 26, 2008, the Democratic convention had already happened and left-behind stickers had been cleaned off the streets of Denver.

Barr’s Lawsuit: An Exercise in Futility

Having been covered by newsites, several blogs and  even the main-stream media (see here, here, and here), the details and

Obama and the Flag

I’m beginning to wonder what Obama has against the American flag.  Stories of his refusal to wear a flag lapel pin have abounded on the internet, but I’m not sure if I’ll hold someone’s choice of fashion accessories against them.  I don’t go around wearing one, so judging a person’s patriotism based on this criteria appears to be a slippery slope.

But Obama’s dismissal of this American symbol goes farther than his on-again, off-again jewelry.  The Seattle Times has reported that the flags used by attendees of Obama’s acceptance speech were found in several trash bags located around dumpsters at Invesco Field.  They were rescued by veterans and given to the McCain campaign.

The Return of Rove-Style Politics

It did not take the McCain Campaign long to respond to the latest Obama gaffe- “You know, you can put lipstick on a pig,” Obama said, “but it’s still a pig.”

While there is not a certain answer on the intentions of Obama in who and how he was directing the comment, within hours it has become the new Republican attack line. The debate is no longer about issues or policy, but rather about wedge issues, a tactic the McCain Camp has borrowed from both of G.W. Bush’s campaigns. This ability to change the debate and corner Obama can be credited to Karl Rove and his surrogate Steve Schmidt who have gained influence in the McCain Campaign after his horrible late spring and early spring showing. Check out McCain’s latest ad and the MSNBC’s analysis, at minimum both are entertaining to watch-

EDIT: It appears like this ad from the McCain Campaign has been removed do to copyright violations. It featured Katie Couric of CBS and CBS asked Youtube to remove it. If I find the ad somewhere else I will edit and repost. If any reader finds it please leave the link in the comment section. 


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