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Final Showdown: Live-blog of Presidential Debate #3

The staff at United Liberty once again invites our readers to join us as we live-blog the 3rd and final debate between Presidential contenders, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain.  We’ll kick-off at 7:30pm Central and hope to provide thought-provoking and informative commentary as each candidate answers the questions offered by CBS’s Face the Nation veteran, Bob Scheiffer.

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Obama to ACORN: “You Will Have Input On The Agenda For America”

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Senator Obama’s ties to ACORN, the radical leftist community organizers group, have been widely distributed and we have heard the same talking points by McCain surrogates time and time again….. but, I still found this video deeply disturbing.

Nick Gillespie’s Health Care Plan

There’s an important aspect to this story that political pundits, politicians and even journalists rarely mention. People already fail to sign up for health insurance and for existing social services. I’ve heard people complain that they don’t have enough income and can’t afford to buy food, and I’ve told them that if it’s that bad, go get welfare. Of course, it wasn’t that bad.

There’s more incentive for a guy like me to go get health insurance, since I have epilepsy. Someone in their twenties with no health problems feels no need.

Bob Barr Answers Youtube Questions on Debate Night

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Since Bob wasn’t invited to the town hall debate on Tuesday evening, he decided to get his two cents in via Youtube.

Did an Obscure Brazillian Author Predict Obama?

Slate has a very interesting article up about a 1920s novel that prophesized the 2008 presidential campaign:

O Presidente Negro envisions the 2228 U.S. presidential election. In that race, the white male incumbent, President Kerlog, finds himself running against Evelyn Astor, a white feminist, and James Roy Wilde, the cultivated and brilliant leader of the Black Association, “a man who is more than just a single man … what we call a leader of the masses.”

Jewelry = Patriotism

Obama seems to remain in trouble because of his choice in jewelry.  First, he caught flack for not consistently wearing his flag lapel pin.  According to some critics, this was a sign of his lack of patriotism, and not just a simple fashion choice.

Did McCain Just Lose the Election?

By: Dr. David T. Beito

If he had a chance, this probably blew it. McCain should have let Obama, Pelosi, and Frank own the Billionaire Bailout. By signing on, he has given them all the cover they need. Everything at his point probably rides on Palin.

Agreement on Bailout

Guard your wallet, negotiators in Congress have reached an agreement:

Congressional leaders and the Bush administration agreed Sunday on the main elements of a $700 billion bailout for the financial industry, paving the way for swift enactment of the largest government intervention in markets since the Great Depression.

Negotiators sought to iron out the final shape of the legislation and it still had to be reviewed by House Republicans, whose fierce opposition to a federal rescue nearly torpedoed an emerging bipartisan pact late in the week. Officials in both parties said they hoped for a House vote Monday.

You can read more about the proposal here.

Vouchers are the Right Option for Disabled Children

I received an e-mail from a family member that detailed protests by disability rights activists of Sen. John McCain. Here’s some of it:

The 2008 election campaigns have included rhetoric about tax breaks for middle income families, and media coverage has included stories about families who have children with disabilities. Left out of all the election rhetoric are the candidates’ positions on and commitments to those babies with disabilities who grow into adults with disabilities who all-too-often survive on extremely low incomes (less than 30% of the median income). These extremely low incomes are often the fixed benefit amounts of SSI and Social Security.

In 2006, according to Priced Out in 2006, the federal SSI benefit was $603/month and the average cost nationally of renting a studio/efficiency apartment was $633/month.

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