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Gen. Eric K. Shinseki picked as Veterans Affairs Secretary

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This may be my favorite Obama cabinet pick, next to his decision to keep Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense. I remember hearing about Shinseki’s purging for years. It was a clear example of the Bush Administration’s hostility to diversity of viewpoints.

There already appears to be a clear repudiation by Obama of the defense policies of the early Bush years. Hopefully Rumsfeld’s stains can be completely removed.

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Schiff: Markets Reacting to Geithner?

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Peter yet again tells CNBC how it really is. They did not listen to him when he warned of this crisis, and even though he has additional credibility because of his predictions, it is unlikely any policy makers will change their minds based upon his stance. But luckily we have someone out there telling the public the truth.

How Will Clinton and Richardson Work Together?

All signs are pointing towards a Obama Cabinet divided between two heavyweights, Senator Hillary Clinton and Governor Bill Richardson. The inclusion of either is not a surprise when each situation is looked at individually, but bringing both together the resulting combination is bound to bring about epic intra-administration ideological and power struggles. For example one of Clinton’s top surrogates James Carville said (to the NYT) in regards to Richardson’s Obama endorsement earlier this year-

“Mr. Richardson’s endorsement came right around the anniversary of the day when Judas sold out for 30 pieces of silver, so I think the timing is appropriate, if ironic,”

Barack Obama on Medical Marijuana

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I found this video by way of the libertarian magazine Reason. Obama’s stance on medical marijuana, as espoused here, is the most rational of any president or major general election presidential candidate in recent memory.

Obama Watch

As Administration transition begins to kick into high gear I wanted to keep readers up to date on some of the latest Obama news- some negative, some to maybe to make a point, and some that is just interesting or funny.

According to Glenn Beck, who as recently moved from CNN Headline News to Fox News (which he will premier at in January), MSNBC had the audacity to:

“Obama Sales” at Nation’s Gun Shops

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Gun sales have rocketed since the election of Barack Obama on fears that he will restrict or eliminate the right  of individuals to bear arms. Obama supporters call the wave “fearmongering by the gun lobby” which has some merit, but middle America would probably rather be safe than sorry when it comes to their guns.

Schiff: We Have a “Mob-ocracy”

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Peter Schiff, the outspoken head of Euro-Pacific Capital gives one of his better recent interviews on CNBC just prior to the election.

On Voting for the Lesser of Evils

As election day is dawning upon us, emotions are running high, particularly among those entrapped in the major political party of their choice, urging those of us who cannot abide either of the major party nominees to pick the “lesser of evils”.  The reason given depends on which side of the divide from which it comes.  I’ve been hearing, or expect to hear, from my Obama-supporting friends, “You MUST vote for Obama, because we cannot have eight more years of Bush”.

Interview: Dan Carlin on Barack Obama, Voting Machines and Bob Barr

Dan CarlinWe are on the eve of a historic election. We most likely will have the first African American president. Things are pretty exciting, and to add to this excitement is podcaster Dan Carlin, who hosts the podcasts Common Sense with Dan Carlin and Hardcore History.

The election is about a week away. Who’s going to win the presidency and why?

Bob Barr Is Not Worth Your Vote

When I first heard about Bob Barr’s Libertarian Party run, I actually looked at his past as a Republican congressman as a positive. Most people don’t join independent parties first crack out of the box, and I certainly didn’t. I found myself defending him against attacks that he was a “neo-con” or a pol seeking to advance a dying career.

That began to change as I heard more from him. The various news appearances he made were filled with canned rhetoric. He sounded like the stereotypical politician. It was hard to really tell if he believed what he was saying, or if he had just decided to leach onto the movement started by Ron Paul’s candidacy.

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