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Even The Daily Show Sees Similarity Between Imperialistic Bush and “Change” Minded Obama

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Obama’s Presidential Address to Congress

Not because I believe in bigger government, I don’t. -Obama


Many of you watched Obama make his first address to Congress tonight. His speech was concentrated nearly entirely on the economy. He started out by talking about the pitiful state of our economy, and how it is affecting everyone either directly or indirectly. He reiterated the point that America will prevail and recover. I don’t doubt that we will prevail and recover, but not because of Keynesian economic policies that the Democratic Party and Neocons are implementing. Not because of the spending, bailing out, and intervention of the Federal Government.

Obama, Winning the Gossip Vote

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It’s pretty clear from this video that the average American is getting their news and information from gossip news and not serious journalism.

Ron Paul Speaks After Voting Against Stimulus Bill

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In this video, Rep. Ron Paul speaks after voting against the stimulus package. Take away line: “They deal with trillions like they used to deal with billions.”

Campaigning for Stimulus

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This video is pretty hilarious, from RNC Chair accusing Barack Obama of chasing after “bling bling” through his stimulus bill to a loony Obama worshipper singing the Dear Leader’s praises. What I’m struck by is that, months after being elected and weeks after being inaugurated, Obama is out there doing stump speeches. One of the chief criticisms of George W. Bush was that he campaigned for his initiatives in the same manner he campaigned for president. Is Obama another “campaigner in chief?”

Sen. Susan Collins: A Democrat in Conservative Clothing

Susan Collins, a “Republican” Senator from Maine, is one of only a handful GOP Senators who might approve the massive spending bill the Democrats and Obama Administration has been pushing the past couple weeks.  My major question: Is she a Republican? After looking at her stances on issues, she seems to be in favor of big government.

Rachel Maddow’s “Bull-Puckey” Speech

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The other night, I had to chuckle and cry at the same time as I watched Rachel Maddow’s “Bull Puckey” speech.

Rachel’s declarations about the job-creating values of spending are about as insightful as Janeane Garofalo’s outburst on the radio in 2005, paraphrased thus: “… those free-market wackos with their ‘invisible hand’ mumbo jumbo.”

Both ladies’ understanding of the workings of the market typify the overconfidence of those who jump to conclusions without looking at the whole story.

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ACORN To Get ‘Stimulus’ Money?

The stimulus bill that Obama and the Democrats are trying to push through Congress includes lots of spending, which means bigger government and a bigger burden on the taxpayer. When it is all said and done this bill is estimated to cost over a trillion dollars. With that being said, opposition to this bill should be a no-brainer for any fiscal Conservative.

What may be the most insulting part of this bill is that the group ACORN, which is an advocacy group that is under investigation for voter fraud (and who routinely back Democratic Candidates in elections), may be eligible for billions of dollars of the ‘stimulus package.’

Obama Believes That China Is Manipulating Its Currency

This week, Treasury Secretary-Designate Timothy Geithner faced hearings on his appointment from the Senate Finance Committee. In response to written questions submitted by the Senators (Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in this case), Mr. Geithner had this to say:

“Reason Among the Shoe Throwers”

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Nick Gillespie interviews Obama supporters on the eve of his inauguration. I love the woman at the end. Obama’s following is indeed getting a bit culty. 

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