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Reason Tackles Obama’s Education Hypocrisy

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Excellent job, Reason Magazine!! Yes, the Obama administration is effectively kicking low income black children out of private schools and putting them back into shitty inner city public schools. All the while, Obama is sending his own kids to an elite private school. This is by far the worst policy aspect of the Obama administration, in my personal view.

Another unfortunate aspect of this is that the Obama supporters in this video who have been stabbed in the back don’t really have another place to go. The Republican Party knows how to communicate to homeschoolers and those who send their kids to Christian private schools but has almost no one in its party who would be able to seriously communicate with the people in this video.

I Agree With the Obama Administration!

In today’s Wall Street Journal, there was an article written by Gary Fields titled Shorter Sentences Sought for Crack. The gist of the article is that the Obama Administration has told Congress that they favor equal penalties for crack and powder cocaine. Right now if you have five hundred grams of crack cocaine on you, you will be given a minimum sentence of five years. The same minimum goes for those who have only five grams on them.

I applaud the Obama Administration in this step towards equality (and towards what I believe should be the ultimate goal, ending the failed war on drugs). Some teenager may have just got in with the wrong crowd and be caught with five or six grams of crack cocaine, yet would be given that five year minimum prison sentence. Does that really make sense?

“Obama’s breakneck 100 days”

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Al Jazeera’s English branch expertly analyzes the first 100 days of the Barack Obama administration.

Tea Parties in Alabama

It appears that the Tea Parties held in Alabama yesterday were a rousing success.  It’s reported by ABC News (and my friend and attendee Shirrell Roberts) that the Montgomery Tea Party held at noon on the Capital steps had about 1,000 people (*Update- Organzier Cindy Wright says attendance was closer to 2,500).  Great job, Matt Givens and Cindy Wright, in organzing and promoting this event!  This is what Shirrell said after the event-

It really fired me up just seeing common everyday folks give a rip about the direction this country is headed.  Sometimes it is easy to become cynical. Yesterday restored my faith in the people of this country.

Greenwald Critiques Obama’s Civil Liberties Policies

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Author and journalist Glenn Greenwald talks with Reason magazine’s Nick Gellespie about drug decriminalization and how the Obama administration is doing on civil liberties.

Obama: Making the Bad Seem Good Again

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It takes a cartoon version of Joe Biden to say what we all know to be true: when Bush said it, people rolled their eyes, but when Obama says it, they faint, chant and scream.

Glenn Beck: We’re Headed Towards Fascism

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Apparently Ben Bernanke is Josef Stalin and America is no longer turning socialist but instead fascist. Glenn Beck appears to moving further and further into Michael Savage territory here.

Obama - Legalizing Marijuana Not a Good Strategy to Grow Economy

Yesterday President Obama laughed at those who have consistently been making it clear on that they want him to address marijuana legalization.

Notice how he ‘answers’ the question by saying he does not think it is a good strategy for growing our economy. He does not say that it would cause too many social ills or it was addictive or any of the other mainstream reasons for keeping marijuana illegal. Instead he says that he does not think it is a good strategy for growing our economy.

Is Obama Bringing Change in the War on Terror?

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Reason magazine focusses on what has changed and what hasn’t changed in American war on terror policy under President Barack Obama.

Obama World

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A humorous satire by Bill Maher on fears of an Obama presidency.

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