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Abolish the TSA: Half of Americans agree security theater isn’t keeping us safe

TSA Security Pose

“Is this the pose of a free man?” Kentucky Senator Rand Paul asks, hands raised above his head. He’s mocking the Transportation Security Administration’s security pose.

Dylan Matthews over at Vox makes a timely case about abolishing the TSA’s security theater, which delays and degrades millions of traveling Americans annually:

Happy Memorial Day! This weekend is one of the year’s busiest for air travelers, with the AAA forecasting that 2.6 million people will travel by plane sometime between Thursday and Monday, up from 2.4 million last year.

That means 2.6 million people will be reminded yet again of the unremitting awfulness of the TSA, which has been subjecting fliers to friskinginvasive body scans, (alleged) racial profiling, needless checking of liquids and nail clippers, and various other indignities for nearly thirteen years now.

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