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Every Taxpayer Dollar Needs to be Recovered from Failed Obamacare Exchanges

Word broke last week that one of the largest healthcare providers, United Healthcare, may pull out of the Obamacare exchanges, which means it’s time to revisit what happens to all those federal funds — taxpayer money — invested to get the exchanges off the ground.

After enacting the so-called Affordable Care Act, Congress allocated more than $5.5 billion for the creation of state-based exchanges where Americans could go to sign up for medical insurance. The failure of those exchanges has lead to lawsuits, in which states are attempting to obtain some of the money from the lawsuits. The failure of the state-based exchanges in Maryland and Oregon have gone to court, where both of those states stand to get some of the money despite all of the money spent on those exchanges having come from federal taxpayer money. This has raised questions about whether some states are seeking to cash in on the failure of these exchanges.

Al Qaeda Far From Neutralized

News is breaking that Al Qaeda is claiming responsibility for an attack on a luxury hotel in Mali, wherein something like 170 people were taken hostage and three were killed. Of course, the familiar “Allahu Akbar”, the jihadist battle cry, was reportedly heard screamed by the gunmen, according to witnesses.

We keep being told Al Qaeda is not the same as The Islamic State — or ISIS. There’s some debate as to whether or not that matters, except in as much as it might be useful to play them off each other if we ever get to a place where that becomes a feasible strategy (at this point, that’s unlikely because, while they compete with each other, they both HATE us). Apparently they like to one-up each other:

The attack comes just days after militants affiliated with the Islamic State staged coordinated attacks in France. It is unclear if the two incidents are related — the Islamic State and the ethnic Tuareg militant groups that dominate in Mali have competing interests – but the Paris attack may well have inspired the raid in Bamako.

‘Puter Rants: Liberals Hate You, And They’re Not Keen On America Either


Original post at The Ancient & Noble Order of The Gormogons ~ Ed.


‘Puter’s had it with the effete, gelded liberals currently running the country, whether in the Obama Administration, in the media, or on college campuses. Not content to have destroyed America’s universities, these self-important know nothings have set out to ruin America itself.

Here’s a newsflash, Lefties. America has done nothing – nothing – to justify Islamic terrorists’ attacks on its allies or itself. Islamic terrorists attack America because they’re evil, not because we are.

Despite President Obama’s whiny lectures to the contrary, it is a fact that while not all Muslims are terrorists, most terrorists are Muslims.* It is not a Constitutional violation to focus on Muslims as suspects after terrorism any more than it’s a Constitutional violation to focus on white people when a reported crime is overwhelmingly committed by whites. It’s what’s known to sane Americans as common sense.

Despite the collective pearl clutching of People Who Know Better Than You™, it is rational to make sure Middle Eastern refugees are thoroughly vetted before being admitted to the United States. It is not religious discrimination, or racist, or even mean to do so. It’s what’s known to sane Americans as self-defense.**

Be Thankful Anyway

Despite our president acknowledging — finally — that Russia is teaming up with our former bestie Iran to support Assad, and that apparently environmental concerns are taking precedence in fighting terror, there is reason to be thankful this holiday.

Addmittedly, they’re hard to see as I sit here listening to our President talk about having had a meeting with HIS National Security Advisors on this Thanksgiving Eve — presumably because there may be some threats to us this weekend — to let us know there are no credible threats to us this weekend.

And it took a minute.

But when it came, it was an epihpany.

It may have taken a nearly direct threat to Obama himself to make it happen, but I think our president finally accepts we are at war, we are in danger, and we must remain vigilant.He’s late, yes. And it’s impossible to know what could have been accomplished had he ackowledged theses things earlier. But he’s finally there.

Oh, and also his administration will be out of the White House in just over a year.

Keep the faith, America. We’ll survive. Happy Thanksgiving.



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