Does This Mean Hillary’s Presidency Would Last Eight Seconds?

Via The Hill, here’s presumptive 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee, former U.S. Senator, and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton riffing on people who oppose the government’s many intrusions into private life, and on The Future of American Society™ (emphasis added):

“When people diss the government — we’re really dissing ourselves and dissing our democracy,” Clinton said. “This is my last rodeo, and I believe that we can leave not just the country in good shape for the future, but we can get a deep bench of young people to decide that they want to go into politics.”

Government is not, and should not be considered, a jobs program or career path. Government is a set of institutions designed to protect individuals’ natural rights. This is the most basic, fundamental tenet of Western liberalism. If you don’t understand that, or outright reject it, you’ll probably never get my vote.

If you simply don’t understand the concept, I highly recommend the Cato Institute’s excellent Home Study Course.

At least we can all be thankful that this is Hillary’s last rodeo, right?

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