The Senator From Massachusetts

From the floor debate in the Senate on February 7 regarding the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act:

Incidentally, let me share with a few of my colleagues why this is sort of this old ideology versus new. The Senator talked about the tired ideology of the past. What is it? Well, I think today Michael Steele, the new chairman of the Republican National Committee, made a statement on behalf of the Republican Party. He said:

For the last 2 weeks, we have been trying to force a massive spending bill through Congress under the guise of economic relief.

Well, we are having votes. This is a democracy. We are not forcing anything. We are trying to get the job done because there is an urgency to getting it done.

But then he says:

Stimulating Your State

If you’re curious as to how much pork the “spendulous” package is sending your way, has put a list together that breaks it down by state and then project.

Glancing through Alabama’s list, it looks like quite a bit is going to street and bridge repair, but I do question how giving a million dollars to Bessemer’s Drug Task Force and Cold Case Unit is going to help stimulate the economy. But what I find mind-boggling is the $729,137,800 (yes, that’s almost 3/4 of a billion dollars) going to the Mobile suburb of Prichard- pop. 27,963.  That’s over $26K per resident.  Tuscaloosa’s share comes out to about $211 per resident.  Considering that the average federal tax burden for residents of Tuscaloosa County is $12,340, compared to Mobile County’s average of $10,112, there’s no denying that this is a massive transfer of wealth.

Great Quote by Bill O’Reilly

The left screamed about the Bush administration using fear. It’s being used again in this same way—to get packages through Congress. The same way Bush and Cheney did it, now Obama and Biden are doing it. You don’t hear a word from the left. I mean, I’m sitting there going, ‘Am I in the Twilight Zone here?’

There’s no denying that the Bush Administration used policies of fear in an inappropriate manner to convince Americans that it was necessary to allow our civil rights to be ignored and abused in order to provide security for our nation.  But O’Reilly is correct- using these same tactics in order to pass the largest spending bill in history is equally reprehensible.

The Failed Daschle Nomination and the Obama Health Care Agenda

Recent in the news has been former Senator Tom Daschle’s withdrawal of his nomination as Secretary of Health and Human Services, along with President Obama’s additional nomination of him to a newly-concocted post of “White House Health Czar” (isn’t it interesting how increasingly popular the term “czar” has become in the government lexicon as of late?). The main issue that brought Daschle’s nomination down was his failure to pay more than $128,000 in taxes from 2005 to 2007 (which he ended up doing last month in the form of back taxes with nearly $12,000 in interest). Naturally this raised once again the whole matter of double standards over such matters, one for government officials (and others in positions of power or privilege), and another for everyone else. The President seemed finally to recognize that such a double standard would not serve him well, after noticing a disturbing pattern among a few of his other nominees.

Banned! Hazardous Material

In an effort to save our children, the nanny-state has struck again.  The Consumer Product Safety Act of 2008 was recently passed, and it’s sure to wreak havoc where ever it goes.  It essentially requires testing for dangerous chemicals in almost all products that are intended for children 12 and under.  This includes clothing, shoes, books, toys, jewelry, cds, board games and more.

While this law may not pose much of a problem for large retailers, for those who operate small businesses or own resale shops (including charity stores such as Goodwill), this legislation is potentially devastating.  In most cases, the costs for having the products tested greatly outweigh any potential profit and talks of fines up to $100,000 and possible jail time will probably keep most from bucking the law.

The Bailout- Both Evil and Stupid!

The late Samuel Francis stated that the United States has a two-party system, the Stupid Party and the Evil Party. Occasionally, you find a bi-partisan effort and when you do so, you can count on that proposal being both stupid and evil. I am incensed that Washington power-brokers have come together to bail out the greed of both big business and big government. Noted economist Jim Rogers has said that this bailout would make our economy more communistic than that of Red China. Do we really want that much more infusion of government into our economy? Years ago, I heard Congressman Phil Crane state that Government does nothing well. While observers should have noted the failure of statist systems and the growth of free market economies, our nation promises more from government. How blind do our leaders need to be before they realize that government spending is breaking the taxpayer and damaging the economy.

Please give careful attention to the wise warnings of my friend Matt Chancey.

Dear friends,

The reason I am writing you today is to ask you to join me in contacting your congressman and senators to urge them to reject the $700 billion bailout being rammed through Congress this week.

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